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Thursday, August 18, 2016

YouTube Live Will Replace Google Hangouts On Air

Teachers and students who have been using Google+ Hangouts on Air to host tutoring sessions or to host virtual guests in their classrooms will want to make note of the end of Google Hangouts on Air. Starting on September 12th Google will no longer offer Hangouts on Air.

Hangouts on Air will be replaced by YouTube Live. YouTube Live will let you create public, private, and unlisted broadcasts. Broadcasts will be automatically stored in your YouTube account. The most significant change for many users will be the removal of the Q&A feature that was in Google Hangouts on Air. Now to host a Q&A you will have to share Google Slides and use the Q&A feature integrated into the presenter mode in Google Slides.

Just to clarify, there will still be a video chat feature in Google+, this change only applies to Google+ Hangouts on Air.

H/T to The Next Web.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Join Me for a Hangout On Air About Ed Tech Blogging

 Every week I get lots of questions from people who want to know how I started, how I maintain it, and, of course, how it helps me make a living. I'll answer those questions and any others that you have during a Google Hangout On Air on Sunday at 7pm EST.

This is informal. There won't be slides or handouts, but it will be posted on my YouTube Channel.

Join me! at 7pm EST on Sunday. You might even get to see my loyal assistants on air.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Watch the First Google+ Connected Classrooms Field Trips

Yesterday, Google launched a new project called Connected Classrooms. Connected Classrooms uses Google+ Hangouts On Air to take students on virtual field trips to museums and zoos. In these Google+ Hangouts On Air students may have the opportunity to ask questions of the museum and zoo experts that are leading the virtual field trips. You can find a complete schedule of virtual field trips on the Connected Classrooms website. On the same site you can find links to the recordings of the first Connected Classrooms field trips that were conducted yesterday.

Watching the recordings of the Connected Classrooms field trips probably won't be an engaging experience for your students, but it will give you a sense of what to expect when your class joins a live session. I've embedded below the recording of the Connected Classrooms Hangout with the Seattle Aquarium.

Applications for Education
I prefer virtual field trips that put students in charge of navigation and direction of their experience, the Connected Classrooms Hangouts don't seem to do that. That said, if you're looking for your students to learn first-hand from experts on a particular topic then the Connected Classrooms Hangouts could be useful.