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Thursday, April 21, 2011

NASA 360 - NASA from Space to Everyday Life

NASA 360 is a twenty-two episode series of videos about NASA. The episodes examine NASA's technological and scientific work. The episodes discuss how NASA's work is used not only in space exploration but also in elements of our modern everyday lives. The episodes can be downloaded from the NASA 360 page or viewed on Hulu.

I've embedded the Hulu NASA 360 widget below for those who would like to preview an episode before downloading.

Applications for Education
NASA 360 could be useful for getting students to think about math, science, and engineering in new ways. Students may be surprised to learn that NASA's work translates to many fields beyond space exploration.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A&E Biography for Kids - Frederick Douglass

Last week I mentioned that Hulu offers a good assortment of videos and video widgets that appeal to history teachers. In last week's post I highlighted the NBC News Time Capsule. Today, I want to share the A&E Biography Widget. The video that drew me to this widget was the A&E Biography for Kids episode about Frederick Douglass. (Choose the "most popular" option from the widget drop-down menu to see the Frederick Douglass video).

Applications for Education
In my school district the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is taught in both history and literature classes. The A&E Biography of Frederick Douglass could be used as an introductory material or as recap material.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NBC News Time Capsule

One of the features of Hulu is a collection of old news segments and entire news programs from NBC. Hulu calls this collection of segments and programs the NBC News Time Capsule. In the widget below you will find thirteen of these segments and programs. Included in the line-up are Kennedy's inauguration, the first Today Show, and the first Apollo 11 Moon Special.

Applications for Education
Teachers of US History may find the videos in the NBC News Time Capsule to be helpful in teaching lessons on 20th century US History. Teachers of media studies may also find the videos useful for lessons on changes in reporting and improvements in broadcast production over the last fifty years.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

11 Video Clips on the Legacy of Martin Luther King

Hulu has assembled eleven news clips documenting the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. If you're looking for some quick resources for teaching about Martin Luther King, Jr. watch these clips embedded in the widget below.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Brief Overview of Notable Inauguration Speeches

Two days ago I posted a link to Hulu's video collection of inauguration addresses dating back to Eisenhower. That collection is great, but watching all of those videos would be time consuming. If you would like a short overview of significant inaugural addresses from all Presidents, watch this two and one half minute video from MSNBC.

Applications for Education
This short overview of past inaugural speeches might be good to show to your students before watching Barack Obama's inaugural address next Tuesday. You may want to have your students make some predictions about what they think Obama might say in his speech. For more inauguration lesson ideas, check out The Innovative Educator's blog post on the topic.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Inaugural Addresses - Eisenhower Through Bush

Hulu's collection of inaugural addresses from Eisenhower through George W. Bush is the second educationally valuable item I found on Mashable today. Hulu has each inaugural address in its entirety for you and your students to watch online. I have embedded Jimmy Carter's inaugural address below.

Applications for Education
Watching some of the past inaugural addresses prior to or after Barack Obama's inauguration next week could be a good starting point for students to do a historical comparison assignment. You may want to have students pick a President, watch his inaugural speech and compare the issues of concern in that address with the one that Barack Obama delivers next week.

If you want students to go dig back a little farther and find out how each man came to win the Presidency, check out The Living Room Candidate. The Living Room Candidate is a collection of campaign commercials, debates, and speeches dating back to 1952.

Monday, December 8, 2008

If Only Every Student Loved Math This Much

In case you didn't see Saturday Night Live this week (yes, I know it's late, I can't stay up that late either) there was a skit in which two brothers excitedly anticipate and then celebrate receiving a Texas Instruments calculator for Christmas. It's a funny four minute segment that I've embedded below.

Update for my friends outside the US. Below is the same video in YouTube format.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hulu to Stream Presidential Debate

Hulu, the web video service backed by News Corp and NBC, will be streaming tonight's US Presidential Debate. The debate scheduled for the 15th of October will also be streamed on Hulu. The two debate streams will become a part of Hulu's Election '08 center.

Hulu's video quality is generally better than that found on other video websites which is why I will be watching the debate on Hulu's stream tonight. (The cable is still out on my road).

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Free Technology For Teachers: Five Alternatives to YouTube - #5 Hulu is the newest of the five alternatives to YouTube I've written about today. Hulu received a lot of attention in the Blog-o-sphere when it was beta. Now that Hulu is available to the general public, it seems to be living up to the hype. Hulu offers free videos of popular television shows and full length movies. is owned and operated as a joint venture of NBC and News Corp. The ownership of Hulu is reflected in the collection of videos that are available for free. Television shows and movies owned by NBC, FOX, MGM, Sony Pictures, and Warner Brothers are available for free viewing on
hosts current and past television shows and movies. Here is an episode of NBC's News Time Capsule revisiting the Apollo 11 mission and moon landing.