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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hyperdocs: Create Interactive Google Docs

HyperDocs are an interactive Google Doc and provide teachers with a way of presenting information to students in a fun and engaging way. They replace the standard, passive worksheet model of instruction and increase student agency. HyperDocs are much more than Google Docs that contain hyperlinks. They are carefully crafted activities that includes all of the components of the lesson in one central location.

Click here to view an example of a HyperDoc. This particular lesson takes students on a journey around the United States. This lesson contains a variety of multimedia resources that students can view in an order they wish, select the places they find interesting, and work at their own pace. This activity concludes with students using the information they have collected to create a product. In this example, students are asked to create a slide presentation and a video. HyperDocs allow teachers to design visually engaging activities that promote curiosity, creativity, collaboration, and reflection.

HyperDocs can be used with students across grade levels and subjects. There are numerous HyperDocs in the Teachers Give Teachers library that will help you get started. Once you are comfortable creating your own HyperDocs, you are encouraged to share them to help continue building the resource library.

Applications for Education 
HyperDocs help increase student agency by providing choices and options to allow them to demonstrate what they have learned and how they can apply this new knowledge.  

The three educators behind this idea are Lisa Highfill, Sarah Landis, and Kelly Hilton