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Friday, February 14, 2020

DNS & IP Explained

One of the things that quickly became clear when I started teaching an introduction to computer science course for high school freshmen was that while they are happy to use the Internet, they don't really understand how the Internet works. I suppose the same can be said for lots of adults too. The Domain Name Systems is the most important or at least most frequently used part of how people use the Internet today. PowerCert Videos, a YouTube channel that I featured a couple of weeks ago, has a good video that explains how a DNS server works. I used this video with my own students earlier this year. offers a video on the same topic.'s video gets into a bit more of the history of the development of the Internet. I also showed this video to my students, but I didn't find it nearly as effective as the PowerCert video.

Applications for Education
If you have never built a website from scratch without the use of service like Weebly or Google Sites, you may not have ever thought about the role of IP addresses and the domain name system in getting a website online. These videos can help students understand how that process happens and how DNS makes it easy to navigate the web today.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

IP Addresses Explained by Common Craft

You may have heard the techie people in your life use the term "IP address" while explaining a problem regarding your computer connecting to the Internet. And if you're like a lot of people who don't work in networking, you probably wondered what the heck an IP address is and why it matters. Common Craft, a company that specializes in explaining complex topics in simple terms, has recently tackled the question of "what is an IP address?" In the latest Common Craft video you can learn what an IP address is, how they're used when you connect to the web, and why there are two versions of IP addresses.

You can watch IP Addresses Explained by Common Craft here or as embedded above.