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Monday, January 9, 2017

Launching Innovation in Schools - An edX Course

Launching Innovation in Schools is a free edX course that is starting next week. It grabbed my attention because one of the instructors is Dr. Justin Reich who I had the opportunity to work with six summers ago at an event. This six week course is designed for teacher-leaders and school administrators. The course is designed to help you launch an instructional improvement initiative in your school. An emphasis is placed on fostering collaboration and building partnerships with stakeholders in your school. Learn more about the course in the introductory video below.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Contest for Human Flight - Interactive Timeline

Last night I started watching American Genius on Netflix. American Genius, produced by National Geographic, features the stories of American inventors and innovators who were competing in the same field. The first episode that I watched was The Contest for Human Flight about the competition between the Wright brothers and Glenn Curtiss. National Geographic has an interactive timeline that complements the episode. In the timeline you can see archival videos of the first airplane flights, images of prototype drawings, and additional passages of text about the Wright brothers and Glenn Curtiss.

The Wright Brothers - The Invention of the Aerial Age is another good timeline for teaching about the developments made by the Wright Brothers. Dig into the Interactive Experiments section of the timeline and you'll find Engineering the Wright WayEngineering the Wright Way offers interactive simulations in which students learn about wing design by joining the Wright Brothers for test flights in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Check Out the K12 Online Conference - Igniting Innovation

Earlier this week Dr. Wes Fryer kicked-off this year's K12 Online Conference with a great keynote video. The theme of this year's conference is igniting innovation. Wes put together a great video in which he talks about what motivates his innovation and how we can help students become innovators. Wes did a great job of including not only his perspective but also those of twelve other educators (I make a brief cameo in the video).

In his keynote post Wes included a call to contribute your voice to the conversation about sparking innovation. To contribute, create a 60 second video about one of the following questions then submit your video here.

  • What ignites your spark for teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom? 
  • What sustains your spark for creativity and innovation? 
  • What can be a spark of innovation to encourage teachers who are not early adapter / innovators in our schools?

The K12 Online Conference is an annual event in which presenters post video presentations that align to that year's theme. New videos are released at 8am Eastern Time every day from October 20th through the 31st. You can view the presentations on YouTube and iTunes. Find the schedule of presentations here.