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Monday, July 23, 2018

Promethean Grant - Win an Interactive Whiteboard for Your Classroom

If you have desired to get an interactive whiteboard for your classroom, but budget has kept that wish from becoming reality then you should check out Promethean's "grant" program. Promethean calls it a grant program even though it seems more like a contest. To be eligible to be awarded a Promethean ActivPanel interactive whiteboard you must create a video that demonstrates your need for an interactive whiteboard and the impact that it would have on teaching and learning in your classroom. Entries will be judged based on creativity, need, and potential classroom impact.

Applications for Promethean's grant program will be accepted August 1st through November 1st. Teachers are encouraged to include students in the creation and production of their grant application videos. The complete program details can be found here

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Unio - A Free Virtual Whiteboard for Broadcasting Lessons

Unio by Harness is a free virtual whiteboard system that you can use to broadcast illustrations and demonstrations to your students' laptops. I learned about Unio from Danny Nicholson and had to give it a try myself.

To get started with Unio you first create a subject heading then create a lesson. The lesson creation tool is basically a simple slidedeck editor. You can draw, type, insert images, and add videos to each slide in your lesson. Lesson slides can also include quizzes that you build within the Unio platform. It's important to note that you have to create the quiz before you broadcast your lesson to your students. When I tried to add a quiz question while broadcasting, the option to add a quiz was disabled.

Once your lesson is created you then broadcast it to your students. Students receive the lesson on their laptops when they go to and enter the pin number assigned to your lesson. Unfortunately, every lesson's pin is different so you won't be able to get kids in the habit of using the same pin for every activity as you can do in Socrative. With your lesson appearing on your students' screens you can have them annotate what they see and answer your quiz questions. Students can work at their own pace. You can select a student's screen to see what he or she has done and then give them some quick feedback in the form of an emoji.

Applications for Education
Unio could be useful in a setting in which you want to share a lesson for the day have students follow along on their laptops. It's not yet ready to be a remote instructional tool because there isn't a voice broadcasting option. The other shortcoming is that it's not optimized for use on mobile phones. If Unio adds those two features, it could become a great remote instructional tool.

Monday, December 1, 2014

50 Interactive Activities to Embed Into Elementary School Blogs

Gynzy is a service that offers pre-made activities for interactive whiteboards and websites. Much of their content is only available through a subscription, but they do offer a collection of 50 free activities that anyone can access. The free activities are appropriate as supplements to elementary school math, science, social studies, and language arts lessons. Each of the 50 free activities can be used on the Gynzy site or embedded into your classroom blog or website. One of the activities from the math section of Gynzy is embedded below.

Applications for Education
As mentioned above, these activities on their own are not enough to create a lesson plan. They could be good supplementary material to add to your classroom blog for students to use at home with their parents.