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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Crowd Sourced Advice for New Teachers

A couple of years ago I surveyed readers to capture their best pieces of advice for new teachers. Back then 131 people replied and I published their advice in the slideshow that you see below. I would like to update the slideshow. If you have advice that you would like to share with new teachers, please complete the form below and I'll publish your advice in a new slideshow next weekend.

On a related note, Tom Barrett's Interesting Ways series includes a crowd-sourced slideshow of advice for getting to know your new class.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Interesting Ideas for Classroom Blog Posts

Earlier today I was trying to compile a list of eleven things for students to blog about. I was sputtering out around number seven when it hit me, "I bet Tom Barrett already has a list going." So I went to the Interesting Ways page on Tom's blog and sure enough there I found 37 Interesting Ideas for Class Blog Posts. I added one of my ideas to the Google Presentation and I encourage you to add your ideas.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for new things for your students to blog about or new ways to use your classroom blog, 37 Interesting Ideas for Class Blog Posts is a good bet for a place to find a new idea.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Interesting Ways to Use Wallwisher in the Classroom

Yesterday, I shared the story of how I used Wallwisher in my special education classroom. That post generated a lot of views and comments (both on Twitter and in the blog comments). This morning, through Steven Anderson I learned that Tom Barrett has a slideshow about Wallwisher in his Interesting Ways Series. Currently, there are nineteen ideas in the slideshow. If you have more ideas to add, contact Tom Barrett using the contact information in the last slide. The slideshow is embedded below.

Monday, March 15, 2010

20+ Ways to Use Flip Cameras in the Classroom

Last Friday I posted a Google Docs presentation titled Many Ways to Use Flip Video Cameras in the Classroom. At the time the presentation had only three slides. I put out an invitation to anyone that wanted to add ideas to the presentation and as of this writing there are 57 collaborators. In total there are now 21 slides.

Before I started Many Ways to Use Flip Cameras in the Classroom I looked to see if Tom Barrett already had a presentation on the topic. It turns out he did have one, but I somehow overlooked it. Here's Tom's 43 Interesting Ways to use your Pocket Video Camera in the Classroom.

I'd still love to have more contributors to Many Ways to Use Flip Cameras in the Classroom, if you're interested in adding your ideas please fill in this form and I'll send you an invitation to collaborate.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

More Interesting Ways to...

Tom Barrett has launched a new set of Interesting Ways slides. Tom's Interesting Ways slide decks are collaborative projects to which anyone can make a contribution, just contact Tom. The new additions to the Interesting Ways series are Web Conferencing in the Classroom, Teaching Reading Comprehension, Teach Spelling in the Classroom, Learning Platforms in the Classroom, and Encourage Pupils and their Families to Visit Your School Blog. You can see all of the previous installments to the Interesting Ways series here.

Embedded below you will find a slide deck from a previous installment of the Interesting Ways series. If you have something to add, make sure you contact Tom Barrett with your suggestion.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Zero Interesting Ways to Use Audio In the Classroom?

Of course, there are interesting ways to use audio in your classroom, but Tom Barrett needs some help generating a list. You see, Tom has started a new series of "Interesting Ways" slideshows. One of the slideshows he just launched is about interesting uses of audio in your classroom. If you have ideas for using audio in the classroom and would like to see those ideas added to the very popular Interesting Ways series, send Tom Barrett an email or send him a message on Twitter.

Below is one of the more popular slideshows from the Interesting Ways series Tom Barrett created.

Applications for Education
Tom Barrett's Interesting Ways series reflects, on a global stage, the idea of collaborating with other teachers to create good lessons. If you're looking for ideas about infusing technology into your lessons, check out the Interesting Ways series started by Tom Barrett.