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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jeopardy Labs: Make Your Own Online Jeopardy Game

Playing Jeopardy-style games is a review method that teachers and students have been using for quite a long time. I remember playing Jeopardy games in the 4th grade 20+ years ago. Over the years the game hasn't changed, yet the means of delivering the game have changed.

Jeopardy Labs is a free service you can use to create your own online Jeopardy game. Jeopardy Labs provides a blank template on which to build your game. You do not need to register in order to build your own game. However, if you want to be able to edit your game at a later point you will want to create a password before you create your game. When completed your game is given its one unique url. Post that url on your blog, wiki, or website and anyone can then play your game.

Applications for Education
Jeopardy Labs provides a good way for teachers to create a review game that students can play independently or in the classroom. You could also have students create games that they share with each other.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Looking for Trivia Questions? Look Here

I, like a lot of high school teachers, put "bonus" questions on all the tests or quizzes that I give to students. Usually, my bonus questions are a combination of current news questions and completely random trivia pulled from a Trivial Pursuit card. Today, I discovered a new place to find trivia questions, the Jeopardy Archive. The Jeopardy Archive is a fan generated collection of more than 157,000 questions used on the Jeopardy television game show. The archive can be searched by season and episode. The archive even lists the names of the contestants and who answered which questions correctly.

Applications for Education
If you need to quickly find a set of trivia questions, the Jeopardy Archive is the place to look. If you need an activity for students to do while waiting for others to finish an online test, have them explore the Jeopardy Archive.

On a related note, if you like to use the Jeopardy format to help students review for a test, check out Build Your Own Jeopardy.