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Monday, July 30, 2012

Practice Piano With JoyTunes for iPad

JoyTunes is a small collection of iPad apps that I reviewed earlier this summer. JoyTunes builds apps that you can use to practice piano and recorder. With JoyTunes installed you play your physical instrument, but get directions and feedback through the app on your iPad. Last week they launched a new app for learning to play the national anthems of many countries on the piano.

Piano Summer Games from JoyTunes is a new free iPad app. The app provides directions and feedback for playing the national anthems of forty countries. You can play on your piano or play on a virtual keyboard on your iPad. You can compete with other JoyTunes users by earning points for playing the anthems correctly.

Applications for Education
JoyTunes could be a good piano tutor for students who have iPads. You can download the Piano Summer Games app here.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Joy Tunes - Learn Music Through Games

Joy Tunes is a neat web and iPad application for learning to play the recorder and the piano. Joy Tunes presents students with games to play with a recorder or a piano.

The recorder game from Joy Tunes is available for iPad and the web. To play the game you have to play the correct notes on your recorder. When you play the correct notes you can move forward in the game. The notes that are played on the recorder are picked up by the microphone on your iPad and on computer.

The piano game from Joy Tunes is available for iPads only right now. The concept is the same as for the recorder game. Play the notes on your piano or keyboard and your iPad picks up the sounds to give you feedback in the game.

Applications for Education
Playing the Joy Tunes games could be a good way to mix up music practice. I wouldn't replace practicing scales and other time-tested methods with playing these games, but playing the games could throw a new fun element into practice.

H/T to TechCrunch