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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Extending Digital Portfolios Beyond High School and How to Forward a Domain

Kern Kelley is a technology integrator at Nokomis Regional High School here in Maine. Every week Kern and his students host the Tech Sherpas show on Google+. For years Kern's district has provided graduating students with their own domains to manage for one year after high school. The domains are where the students maintain their digital portfolios. In this week's episode of the Tech Sherpas show Kern explains the thinking behind this decision and the student with him explains forwarding a domain. The video of the show is embedded below.

If you want to skip the video above and just want to learn how to forward a domain, there is not a shortage of tutorials of the process available on YouTube. The process is slightly different depending on the hosting service that you use and the domain registrar that you use so you will want to pick a tutorial that includes the same registrar as the one you used to buy a domain.

Monday, December 10, 2012

22 Useful Google Forms for Teachers and Principals

As I've mentioned in the past, Kern Kelley is my go-to person when I need help with Google Forms and Spreadsheets. Recently, Kern Tweeted out a list of the forms that he has developed for teachers and principals. You can make a copy of all of these forms by clicking on the titles and opening them in your Google Drive account.

Applications for Education
All of Kern's Google Forms are designed for educators. The forms that have the broadest appeal are the Virtual Inbox and the HS Document Collector and Viewer. Both forms The allow you to collect and organize the URLs of your students' online works.

Kern and some of his students occasionally host Google+ Hangouts in which they answer questions about Google Apps. The archives of those Hangouts is available on their blog Tech Sherpas.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Advice from My Go-To Google Docs Guy about Managing Google Docs

Even though I'm a Google Certified Teacher and I do 97% of my non-blogging writing in Google Docs (the other 3% is in Apple's Pages), there are still occasions when I am stumped by a question. In those cases I turn to my fellow Mainer, GCT, and all-around good guy Kern Kelley for help. Recently through Fred Delventhal I discovered a new blog post by Kern on the topic of managing Google Docs.

Kern's latest post Managing Google Docs in the Classroom walks you through a simple step-by-step process for managing the flow of documents that students share with you. If you have ever felt overwhelmed by a flood of documents in your Google Documents account, follow Kern's plan and enjoy having order in your Google Docs account again.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Most Frequently Shared Resources in One Place

I'm often asked if there is a centralized place where I list all of my resources. The short answer is yes, but it's not a comprehensive list. Rather than a comprehensive list, on my PD Site I have categorized lists and summaries of the resources I most frequently share when conducting professional development workshops at schools and at conferences.

For those people who wonder what the best tool is for a specific task and or for a specific age group, with the help of Kern Kelley, I'm working on a resource selection tool for visitors to Free Technology for Teachers. Look for that to be unveiled before the end of the year.