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Saturday, February 4, 2012

LearnBoost Adds Unlimited Media to Lesson Plans

Disclosure: LearnBoost helps pay the rent at the Free Technology for Teachers world headquarters. 

LearnBoost, the free online gradebook and lesson management service, just added another useful option for teachers. Now in the lesson planner teachers can include images, videos, charts, maps, and text clippings in their lesson plans. And if you're working with other teachers who use LearnBoost when you share a lesson plan that has media embedded in it the person with who you share will also be able to access the media you included. You can read more about this new feature and get directions on the LearnBoost blog.

Embedded below is a short video overview of adding media to your LearnBoost lesson plan.

How to embed media files in lesson plans from LearnBoost on Vimeo.

And another good feature of LearnBoost is the option to sync it with your Google Calendar settings. The video below shows you how to do that.

How to sync Google Calendars with LearnBoost from LearnBoost on Vimeo.

If you're not currently using LearnBoost, click here to get started and tell them I sent you.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Updates to LearnBoost

LearnBoost, a great online gradebook service, has updated the way that teachers and school administrators can allow students and their parents to view their grades. You can read the full announcement and directions here. The short version of the story is LearnBoost has made it easier for students and to organize their access to grades. In the past students had to keep track of multiple access credentials for each class. That inconvenience has been removed now.

Full disclosure: LearnBoost is an advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers

Friday, December 9, 2011

Guest Post - Education Technology's Hidden Ticking Time Bomb

This is a guest post from Rafael Corrales, CEO of LearnBoost. LearnBoost has been an advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers for the last ten months. Prior to them becoming an advertiser, I had written about LearnBoost a couple of times including this post that Rafael references below.

Freemium looks like the future for education technology companies. Yet there’s another side of free education apps and there’s a big, overlooked trend in this space that I want to shine a spotlight on.

With the proliferation of freemium services, educators aren’t fully realizing how their data is completely locked up. Richard emailed me over a year ago and he mentioned how some free services have shut down without warning to their users.

In fact, that awful free/paid back and forth situation with Ning is going to happen more frequently unless educators become aware of this ticking time bomb, get realistic about their data, and demand that education companies start unlocking their data from the very beginning.

If you only take away one thing from this post, it would be this helpful rule of thumb – if you aren’t paying with dollars for a service, then you’re paying with your data.

Look, even really well-funded companies can fail educators. Ning raised $119 million dollars, was started by the co-founder of Netscape, and had support from top institutional investors. Ning had everything going for it, including initial breakout growth around the world. But they didn’t have export or download functionality, so educators suffered when Ning made sudden changes. If a company in education is pointing exclusively to their investors, amount raised, or initial traction, you can’t bank on that - the inevitable truth is that they’re still locking your data. Plus even paid services shut down all the time in education, so you should at least rest assured that you are able to get your data out.

I’d like to see every education company open up and make data freely available. That means some export functionality, data download functionality, and future “open” related innovations. In fact, if data were truly free then education companies would have to compete on product-quality, instead of how much they can lock-in teachers, administrators, and so on.

Making data more freely available happens to be good for business. When we released our export feature and our data download feature, both times we saw a clear uptick in user adoption – and I believe other companies are starting to realize this. But hopefully educators themselves can drive a spotlight on this issue so that they force all education companies to be accountable for building the best possible products, instead of the best possible lock-in (which causes stagnation on product development, total control over users, and more).

If data could become more freely available then all education companies, whether they offer free or paid products, would be fully accountable for building the best possible products. This would be a huge win for everyone in education and ultimately benefit the most important stakeholders - students.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Import Local Standards to Your LearnBoost Gradebook

LearnBoost, providers of a free online gradebook service that can integrate with Google Apps for Education, recently announced a new feature that school administrators will like. Administrators of schools using LearnBoost can now import local standards into the gradebooks for their schools. Once the standards are imported all teachers within that school can select the standards that apply to the courses they teach. Click here to find directions for using the new standards importation feature.

If you're interested in learning how LearnBoost works with Google Apps for Education, watch the following video.

Adding LearnBoost in Google Apps Marketplace from LearnBoost on Vimeo.

Full Disclosure: LearnBoost is a paying advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Add a Gradebook to Google Apps for Education

Even though Google now offers ten times more services for Google Apps for Education than they did at the beginning of the year, they still don't have a gradebook service. But the next best thing is a new offering from the free online gradebook system LearnBoost (previously reviewed here and here). LearnBoost can now be integrated into your Google Apps for Education account. LearnBoost can be found here in the Google Apps Marketplace.

Click here or watch the video below to learn how to add LearnBoost to your Google Apps for Education account.

Adding LearnBoost in Google Apps Marketplace from LearnBoost on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
A lot of schools spend a lot of money every year on gradebook systems. Integrating LearnBoost into Google Apps for Education could save schools a significant amount of money every year.

Full Disclosure: in August 2011 LearnBoost became a paying advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers.