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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Taking Shape: Drawing Your Own Icons - Webinar Recording

This afternoon Tony Vincent gave a great presentation as part of the Practical Ed Tech Creativity Conference. His presentation was all about creating your own icons. In his presentation Tony explained why teachers might want to make their own icons, the benefits of making their own icons, and how the process fits into classrooms. Of course, he also showed us how we can create our own icons by using the tools that are available in Google Slides. If you missed his presentation, it's now available to view here.

Here's how Tony described his presentation:
Icons are an extremely effective form of communication. They are simple pictures that are immediately recognizable and universally understood. Icons tend to be simple drawings and are typically one color, making them easy to design if you break them down into shapes. Sure, there are millions of icons you can download, but there are advantages to making them yourself. When you draw your own, you can fill it with any color. And, you can customize your icon—you can change it to exactly meet your needs. Plus, it feels good to be creative with your visuals!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Tony Vincent Teaches Us How to Make Great Illustrations

Over the weekend my friend Tony Vincent sent me an email about a new video that he made about Adobe Illustrator Draw. Adobe Illustrator Draw is a free iPad app and Android app. It's the app that Tony uses to make the awesome illustrations that appear in his presentations, on his website, and in his Instagram feed. Watch Tony's video, embedded below, to learn how to create illustrations from scratch or by tracing in Adobe Illustrator Draw.

Applications for Education
As you can see in the video illustrations made with Adobe Illustrator Draw can used by students in slides, as avatars, or anywhere that a high-quality original illustration is needed.

As Tony pointed out to me, the app is free but it does require you to register for a free Adobe ID.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Tips and Resources for Finding Free Images for Your Projects

Tony Vincent is a great person to turn to for advice on multimedia projects. Tony is particularly good when you need advice on elementary school projects involving iPads and Android tablets. Tony recently published the 29th episode of his Learning in Hand video series. In this episode Tony reviews three good places for finding free images to use in multimedia projects. Further, he shares some good tips image search tips to try when you're not finding exactly the right image for your project. Watch the video below or click here to read the transcript on Tony's website.