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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Lego Launches Their 2019 Master Educator Program

Lego Education is one of the vendors whose stands that I always enjoy visiting at big education conference like the BETT Show (I'll be there later this week). They always have neat hands-on displays (they never let me take them home though) and people who are passionate about using Legos in education. If you're a teacher in the U.S. who also passionate about using Legos in your classroom, you're a candidate for Lego Education's 2019 Master Educator Program.

Lego Education's Master Educator Program is open to K-12 teachers in the United States. The program is an ambassador program that gives participants access to a community of other teachers who are passionate about using Legos in their classrooms. The program appears to include some specialized online PD opportunities. And, of course, participants get a digital badge and the right to say they are Lego Master Educators. In exchange for all of this three or four times a year participants have to give Lego feedback on their education products and initiatives. Participants are also expected to promote Lego Education whenever they can. If you're interested in becoming a Lego Education Master Educator, you can apply here.

On a related note, before engaging in a brand ambassador program I recommend considering reading Examining the New Phenomenon of Teachers as Brand Ambassadors.