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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Libraries and Librarians in the Internet Age

Libraries in the Internet Age is the title of the latest video produced by Common Craft. The video provides a clear overview of how libraries and the importance of librarians has changed over time. The video echoes a point that I made in a webinar today and that I have heard many librarians say to students, "Google is not the only search engine." Librarians can help students access databases that they otherwise wouldn't be able to use which in turn takes them to information they wouldn't otherwise find. The video is embedded below. You can also click here to watch it.

Applications for Education
Libraries in the Internet Age could be a great video to show to students at the beginning of the school year or just before they embark on a new research project. The video might help students realize that there is a lot more to their school libraries than meets their eyes.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Great Video - Study Like a Scholar, Scholar

Thanks to Janet Kenney for alerting me to the following funny and relevant to education video.

Applications for Education
Why isn't this video embedded into every school library website yet? At my school the librarian conducts a library orientation for incoming freshmen, I'm going to recommend that she include this in her program.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Freeze-n-Read 4 Libraries

April 11-17 is National Library Week in the United States. To celebrate National Library Week Gulf Middle School in Cape Coral, Florida has organized a neat event they're calling Freeze-n-Read. Freeze-n-Read is an effort to get students, teachers, librarians, and parents to "freeze" at 4pm on April 17 and read. To make this a global project, submit pictures of your group "freezing" and reading on the 17th.