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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Using Primary Sources to Learn About Lincoln

Under His Hat is a website produced by the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation for the purpose of showcasing some digital versions of primary source materials about Abraham Lincoln. The materials on Under His Hat are arranged into eight sections or chapters about Lincoln's life. Within each section you can click on featured materials to enlarge them. A lesson plan suggestion is included with primary source material. Some of the materials are also accompanied by audio and video recordings.

Applications for Education
Helping students learn to analyze primary source documents can be challenging. The lesson plans on Under His Hat could help you help your high school students learn to analyze primary sources while learning more about a historical figure whose basic biography they probably know.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Lincoln Learning Hub

Seeing Steven Spielberg's new film about Abraham Lincoln is on my list of things to do during the upcoming holiday vacation. If you have that on your vacation list too and or you have already seen it, you many also want to check out the Lincoln Learning Hub.

The Lincoln Learning Hub is the official DreamWorks companion site to Lincoln. There are four main features of the Lincoln Learning Hub. Those features are a timeline, What Would Lincoln Do, Team of Rivals, and Who's Who of Congress. The timeline is nothing to write home about, but the other three features are good.

In What Would Lincoln Do? students are given four scenarios that happened after Lincoln's death. Students are given some information about each scenario, some background on Lincoln, and then they have to guess what Lincoln would do before seeing an expert's opinion. Students can find out how Lincoln might have voted on women's suffrage, how he would handle the war on terror, if he would have used an Atomic bomb during WWII, and how he would have handled Reconstruction.

In Team of Rivals students try to reconstruct Lincoln's cabinet by reading short biographies of politicians before placing them into a cabinet role.

The Who's Who of Congress activity shows students short biographies of important Congressmen who had to vote on the 13th Amendment. After reading the biographies students have to determine how each of the featured Congressmen would have voted.

Applications for Education
Even if your students don't see the new Lincoln movie, the Lincoln Learning Center could be a good place for students to learn a bit Lincoln's political ideals. If your students do see the film the Lincoln Learning Center activities could help them gain a better understanding of Lincoln's decisions. 

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Great Virtual Tour of the Lincoln Memorial

One of the highlights of any trip to Washington, DC is a visit to the Lincoln Memorial. However, if your school is like mine, chances are good that you won't be taking any field trips to Washington, DC anytime soon. Fortunately, the National Parks Service has a great virtual tour of the Lincoln Memorial. In the tour you can view panoramic images of the interior and exterior of the Lincoln Memorial. You can also view panoramas looking out from the Lincoln Memorial. The "reflections" section of the virtual tour offers the commentary of park rangers. The "about" section contains the history of the Lincoln Memorial.

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for posting the link to this great virtual tour.

Applications for Education
This virtual tour of the Lincoln Memorial allows students to experience the images and stories in a manner that closely replicates the images and information they'd gain in a physical trip to the memorial.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library

Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library is a collection of Abraham Lincoln's papers and a collection of sheet music about Lincoln, the Civil War, and emancipation. The collection of sheet music is what caught my attention as talking about music is a good way to start classroom discussions about culture and public opinion during the Civil War.

To find more documents about Lincoln, visit the Presidents page on

Lincoln Turns 200 - And College Visit Tips

Today's episode of CNN Student News features a segment about Lincoln's 200th birthday and a segment about getting the most out of a college campus visit. The Lincoln segment appears first and the college campus visitation segment appears around the 7:30 mark.

Applications for Education
As always, CNN provides a quick ten question quiz about the video. The quiz provides a quick means of checking for understanding.
The segment on visiting college campuses is good viewing material for high school juniors and seniors.