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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Audio of Best of the EdTech Web 2010

Image Credit: Sarah Sutter
Last Friday at ACTEM's annual conference and again on Monday at CECA's annual conference I gave my Best of the EdTech Web 2010 presentation. Bob Sprankle recorded the audio of Friday's presentation and it is now available on his blog Bit by Bit. Listen to the recording here.

The slides from my talk are embedded below.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Four Places to Watch Wildlife Live on the Web

Earlier today I saw someone Tweet a link to the CBC British Columbia Eagle Cam (sorry I forgot to note who it was, if it was you, please leave a comment and take credit). That eagle cam got me searching for other live wildlife camera feeds. I came across three more live wildlife feeds that I think teachers could use with their students.

Wild Earth TV provides eleven live video feeds of animals in the wild. As I write this I'm watching the Bear Den feed featuring Lily the Black Bear. Lily has almost 100,000 Facebook fans. While watching the video feeds, registered users can chat with each other about what they're seeing. If the video feed is not live when you visit the website, you can choose from any number of recorded videos.

The USDA Forest Service has four wildlife camera feeds but as I write this only one, the Eagle Cam, seems to functioning properly. In addition to the cameras the USDA Forest Service offers a nice collection of teaching resources including full lesson plans and slideshows about the birds, fish, and mammals recorded on their wildlife cameras.

Africam provides four live feeds featuring African wildlife. If you visit the site and the feed is dark (which is likely if you're watching in the afternoon in North or South America), check out the archived recordings.

Applications for Education
These live wildlife feeds could be useful for showing students animals in their natural environments. I watched the bear in her den and thought that it might be neat for an elementary school class to track how many days the bear spends hibernating in her den.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good Presentation Advice from Guy Kawasaki

I find Guy Kawasaki to be one of the most entertaining presenters in the field of social media. In this short video Guy offers some excellent advice about creating and giving slide presentations.

Applications for Education
For students the key point in this video is Guy's comments about knowing your presentation well enough that you do not have to read from the slides. Reading from slides is a trap that I find a lot of students fall into. One way to help students avoid that pitfall is to have them present with Ignite-style
presentations in which the slides automatically advance.

Friday, April 17, 2009

9 Life Lessons from Rock Climbing

Here is a good TED talk given by rock climbing expert Matthew Childs. At only five minutes long this is one of the shorter TED videos I've watched. Despite its short duration it packs in some great ideas that most people can apply to their life at some point.

Applications for Education
Graduation season will soon be upon us. If you're charged with the task of helping students prepare speeches, this video might be a good model of how to present good material in a short amount of time.

Teaching With Ted
is a related resource that may be of interest to you.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Slide Magnet - Make Your Presentations Magnetic

We've probably all sat through a tortuously long and boring presentation featuring someone reading from bullet points on a slide. Two years ago I watched a very well paid consultant not only read from slides, but read from slides that were out of order. Don't let the next bad presenter be you or your students, visit Slide Magnet. Slide Magnet is a website full of free advice to help make your slide presentations more effective and make you a better presenter. Slide Magnet has a feature called the Deck of the Day which is chosen as an exemplar for good slideshow design. Today's Slide Magnet Deck of the Day is embedded below.

Applications for Education
Slide Magnet is a good resource for high school and college students to consult before giving a live presentation. The advice offered by Slide Magnet is clear and practical advice that everyone can put into practice. Slide Magnet even offers advice on how to dress for different types of presentations.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

The Periodic Table of Visualization Methods is a great chart that displays ideas for creating visualization charts. The Periodic Table of Visualization Methods is divided into six categories of visualization types; data, strategy, information, metaphor, concept, and compound visualization. If you're not sure which type of visualization chart to create, explanations of each are provided by

Thanks to my Twitter network for the link to this chart. I can't remember who I saw post it, if it was you please leave a comment and take credit.

Applications for Education
The Periodic Table of Visualization Methods could be a great reference when you're trying to create graphic organizers appropriate for your content and students. This is also a great reference for students trying to find the best way to present and share their knowledge and or research findings.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Cool Feature of Zoho Show

Today on the Zoho product blog, Arvind posted directions about using Zoho Show to make a remote presentation. The process seems pretty straight-forward and it doesn't require any software to be downloaded by you or your presentation attendees. Visit the Zoho Blog for step by step directions and a short how-to presentation.

Applications for Education
Zoho Show is a great web-based tool for creating slide show presentations. Most of my students actually prefer Zoho Show to Google Presentation because they feel that there are more editing options.
The Zoho Show live presentation tool may be a tool through which students can do some peer-editing of their classmates' presentations. The Zoho Show live presentation option could be a useful means for students to practice giving presentations online before presenting to a live audience.