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Monday, November 14, 2011

Free Webinar on Assessment - What Do They Know?

Again this year MLTI (Maine Learning Technology Initiative) is hosting a series of webinars on topics related to teaching with technology. This week's webinar (hosted live at 3:15pm and 7:15pm EST on November 17) is the first of two discussions on summative and formative assessments. The webinar will discuss the differences between the two types of assessment and how to utilize the two to determine what students know and what they can do. Ideas from Dylan William, Rick Stiggins, and Ann Davies will be shared during this free webinar on assessment. If you cannot attend either of the live webinar sessions you should be able to find the archive on the Maine 1:1Website.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Webinar - Connecting Classrooms

Tomorrow at 3:15pm EST and again at 7:15pm EST MLTI technology integration mentor Jim Wells will be hosting a webinar about connecting classrooms. The webinar will discuss ideas for projects that connect classrooms and the tools that can be used to make those connected projects happen. The webinar is free, but MLTI does ask that you register. If you miss the live webinar, the recording will be available in the future.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Copyright & Creative Commons Webinar Today

I realize it's late notice, but I just remembered this myself and have to pass it along. MLTI (the overseers of Maine's 1:1 program) is running two webinars this afternoon and evening about Copyright and Creative Commons.

The 3:15pm (EST) webinar will feature Creative Commons Policy Coordinator Tim Vollmer discussing Creative Commons from an educator's point of view. Time is reserved in the 3:15 webinar for a Q&A with the audience.

The 7:15pm (EST) webinar is designed to introduce educators to Copyright, Fair Use, Public Domain, and Creative Commons topics in layman's terms.

You can learn more about the webinars here. You can also register for the webinars (they're free) by clicking here then clicking on the time slot in the schedule. If the webinar is less than 30 minutes away you'll be redirected to join the webinar without registering.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Isn't This What Orwell Predicted?

Update: Thanks to Crystal Priest I now have some clarification on this issue. Apparently this filtering setting wasn't entirely intentional on the part of the D.O.E. or anyone else at the state level. The filtering problem arose with way the new image was constructed. You can read the details here. If you read the documentation you'll find this phrase which still reflects the issue I bring up in the post below: "the default behavior is to log all web page requests."

My original post follows:
In the state of Maine, all high school and middle school teachers are issued a MacBook by the state department of education. This morning I was using mine (I alternate between it and another computer in my house) to check Twitter. Someone posted a link to an interesting ebook creation service called ePub Bud. I clicked the link, visited the ePub Bud homepage thought, "I could use this," and clicked the "create" link. Instead of being taken to the creation page on ePub Bud, I got this:

I had seen that message before on other teachers' computers (it was actually a problem at a recent state conference), but it was the first time I had personally experienced it. Now I do have administrative rights to override this restriction, but most teachers in the state do not. What this tells me is the state doesn't trust its teachers to make good choices for themselves. Or am I just being paranoid? What do you think about the state's parental controls on the computers they want teachers to use?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Join 1000+ Students in a Fight Against Hunger

Tomorrow MLTI's 7th annual Student Conference will be held at the University of Maine. This is an annual meeting of middle school students and their teachers. At the conference students and teachers will be sharing examples of teaching and learning in 1:1 middle school classrooms.

At the conference's 1pm session 1000+ students and teachers will gather to play vocabulary game Free Rice. A special version of Free Rice has been created just to track the contributions of people playing along with the students. The site is Anyone who plays on the MLTI site after 1pm will have their scoress tallied along with those of the students playing at the conference. To learn more read Google Certified Teacher Sarah Sutter's blog post about tomorrow's conference. You can also read an article written by the Associated Press about tomorrow's conference.

Applications for Education
If your schedule allows, having your students play Free Rice along with Maine students tomorrow can serve two purposes. First, your students will get to practice their vocabulary skills. Second, your students will be a part of potentially global student effort.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Free Webinar - Structuring a Research Project

Tomorrow, February 11, at 3:15 pm and again at 7:15 pm (EST) I will co-hosting a webinar with MLTI trainer Jim Wells. The title of the webinar is Structuring a Research Project. Jim will be talking about creating the structure of a research project. I'll be sharing some free tools to help students carry-out the research and organize their findings. The webinar is part of a series being offered by the Maine Learning Technology Initiative and is free to anyone who wants to attend. Click here to learn more about how to join us for the webinar.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Professional Development Webinars Offered by MLTI

MLTI (Maine Learning Technology Initiative), the organization that oversees Maine's 1:1 laptop initiative, is offering a series of professional development webinars throughout the 2009/2010 school year. The webinars are being conducted by members of the MLTI staff. These webinars are being recorded and the first three are now available on Some of the webinars are specific to Maine schools that are using state-issued MacBooks while other webinars such as "Directed Use of Research Tools," have universal appeal.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

25 Ed Tech Leaders to Follow

While I was at the MLTI Summer Institute, a great experience which I'll be writing about tomorrow, the Building Learning Communities conference was happening in Boston. I would have liked to go to BLC, but when comparing the cost of attendance versus having all of my expenses paid by presenting at MLTI, it was an easy decision. Hopefully, next year the two events will not conflict with each other.

The great thing about Twitter and social networks is that even though many of us were not able to go to BLC, we can still experience some of the learning that took place there. One such example is the posting on Slideshare of the presentation about ed tech leaders made by Lisa Thumann and Liz Davis. If you're looking for some new people to follow on Twitter or in your RSS reader, I highly recommend viewing this presentation. You can view the presentation below.
If you're viewing this in RSS you may need to click through to view the presentation.

The presentation contained references to many of the people that I have been following for a while, but it also had some new names that I hadn't seen before. I'll be adding those new names to my collection of RSS feeds and Twitter network.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Connecting Social Studies and Art Through Video

Some of you may have read my post that appeared on Wesley Fryer's blog with the same title as this one a couple of weeks ago. Connecting Social Studies and Art Through Video Creation is the title of a workshop that I'm conducting on Thursday morning at the MLTI Summer Institute. This slideshow is a preview of the tools and resources we'll be using that day.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Global Survey of Schools and Students

Every spring MLTI (Maine Learning Technology Initiative) hosts a student/ teacher tech conference where teachers and students present together. It is a great time of learning and sharing. I presented last year, but am unable to attend this year.

This year Sarah Sutter, Alice Barr, Cheryl Oakes, Kern Kelley, and Jim Moulton are hoping to get the 800 student participants online and using Google as a data tool. The goal is to have all of the students looking at and utilizing the data from this global survey about the length of school days and access to public education around the world. If you have a couple of minutes, can you and your students please complete the brief survey? I know the students and teachers in attendance will appreciate it.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

File Sharing and Blogs and Wikis. Oh My!

This is the slide show that I'll be using tomorrow at the MLTI Student Tech Team Conference. As you might expect, it's about using free web-based tools in education. A good portion of tomorrow's presentation will feature three of my students demonstrating the use of these resources.

These are links that are set up for tomorrow's demonstration.

Here is the slide show built on Zoho.

Thank You for Your Patience

As many of you know, tomorrow some of my students and I are presenting at the MLTI Student Tech Team Conference at the University of Maine. This week I've been scrambling to get everything prepared, including student preparation, sub plans, etc. Therefore, I haven't been able to blog as much as I normally would during the week. Next week I'll be back to producing at my typical rate of 5-6 blog posts per day.

I have some great new things that I'm looking forward to sharing with you over the weekend and throughout next week. Here are some things to look for in the coming days: new Google Earth/ Google Maps features, new video conferencing tools, new educational games for health and science, a review of the OLPC XO laptop from the perspective of American high school students, and of course a summary and reflection on my experience at the MLTI Student Tech Team Conference.

If you're going to be at the conference tomorrow, please stop by the presentation that my students and I are giving. You can read the presentation description here. Later this evening I'll post the slide show that we'll be sharing tomorrow.