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Friday, May 8, 2009

Five "Week in Review" News Summaries

Many social studies teachers use current events stories in their classrooms to get students to observe and reflect on the news. Depending on the curriculum some teachers may have less time than they would like to discuss the news with their students. If you're in this situation and looking for some good "week in review" news summaries, try one of the following resources.

The Week in Rap may be the most entertaining news summary that you use in your classroom. As the name implies, every week a new rap music video summarizes the news for students. This week's video is embedded below.

Week In Rap 5.8.09 from Week in Rap on Vimeo.

MSNBC offers two visual reviews of the week in news. The Week in Pictures is a slideshow of images with captions of the week's biggest news stories. The Week in Political Cartoons is a weekly collection of Daryl Cagle's cartoons. On a related note, the Library of Congress offers a good activity for teaching students to evaluate political cartoons.

The BBC's Week in Pictures offers brief glimpses of political and cultural news from the week.

The New York Times publishes a Week in Review page based on all of their content from the preceding week. The collection includes articles and images of political and cultural news.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Brief Overview of Notable Inauguration Speeches

Two days ago I posted a link to Hulu's video collection of inauguration addresses dating back to Eisenhower. That collection is great, but watching all of those videos would be time consuming. If you would like a short overview of significant inaugural addresses from all Presidents, watch this two and one half minute video from MSNBC.

Applications for Education
This short overview of past inaugural speeches might be good to show to your students before watching Barack Obama's inaugural address next Tuesday. You may want to have your students make some predictions about what they think Obama might say in his speech. For more inauguration lesson ideas, check out The Innovative Educator's blog post on the topic.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

An Interactive Look at 2008 in Review

When students return to school after this vacation we will be in the year 2009. The first day back to school might be a good time to have students look back at some of the biggest stories of 2008. Here are three places to find "year in review" activities including some interactive quizzes and timelines.

MSNBC, as I shared last week, has some excellent year in review slide shows featuring pictures and cartoons for news, sports, and entertainment. Within the last week MSNBC has added a bunch of additional year-in-review resources including quizzes and videos. One of my personal favorites from MSNBC is the Top Viral Videos of 2008.

CBS News has put together some excellent resources for reviewing the year in news, sports, and entertainment. On the CBS 2008 in Review site you can find quizzes and timelines that students can use independently. You will also find audio, video, and pictorial reviews of 2008. Were it not for the occasional, annoying pop-up ads for "health products" this would be my top pick for year in review resources.

CNN, in addition to the Student News Semester-In-Review, has a number of videos reviewing the year in news, sports, health, science, and entertainment. CNN has also aggregated the top iReport videos of the year. iReport is CNN's citizen journalist page.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Newsweek's Year in Cartoons

Last week I posted a link to MSNBC's year in cartoons and year in pictures slide shows. This morning I was reminded, by Jeffrey Hill's English Blog, of another year in cartoons resource. Newsweek has a collection of political cartoons featured in their magazine throughout the last year. Most of the cartoons are based on US politics with a healthy dose of global economics and global affairs thrown in.

Applications for Education
Those of you that are still in school today, may want to use the MSNBC and Newsweek year in cartoons and year in pictures as the basis for a discussion of the year's top news stories. Those of us that are on vacation until 2009 may want to use these slide shows as a way to remind students of the past year and have them make predictions for the coming year.

A related resource that you may want to consider using in your classroom is The Week in Rap.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Day/ Week / Year in Cartoons and Pictures

MSNBC has some excellent resources for use in the social studies classroom. The Week in Political Cartoons and the Week in Pictures are useful for reviewing the week's news stories with students. Both of these sections of MSNBC's websites are also running reviews of the year in cartoons and pictures. All of the cartoons and photographs are displayed in slide show format. Some of the slide shows are narrated.

Applications for Education
After viewing the slide shows, students will have a model for creating their own "week in review" presentations. Rather than just duplicating what they find on MSNBC, have students create a week in review of local news stories that weren't covered the by the national and international media outlets.

Friday, May 9, 2008

News and Games = NewsWare Arcade

MSNBC offers a new selection of online games related to the news. I'm not a person that spends much time playing video games, but these games have me hooked. The NewsBreaker game is a simple game in which players use the keyboard to keep a ball in play while breaking blocks that contain news headlines. Each broken brick reveals a headline which is linked to the actual news story. If there is a headline the player wants to investigate, simply hit the pause button and use the mouse to read the story.

Applications for Education
NewsBreaker and the other games in the NewsWare Arcade can be a fun way to get students to look at the news. During a study hall period yesterday, I had a couple students try NewsBreaker and they really enjoyed the game. If you have a group of reluctant students playing NewsBreaker for a few minutes may be a way to introduce them to news stories.