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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Create MadLibs Through Google Sheets

Flippity is my favorite place to find templates for creating neat things in Google Sheets. A MadLibs story generator is one of the cool templates you'll find on Flippity. Flippity's MadLibs template lets you create a series of MadLibs-style stories for your students to complete online (see a demo here).

To create a MadLibs-style story generator first select the template on the Flippity homepage. Then you'll be asked to make a copy of the template in your Google Sheets account. Once you've made the copy you can edit the template by writing your own stories into the spreadsheet cells. To define variables, those are the parts your students will complete, simply place brackets around the words "verb, noun, adjective, place, name, or number." For example, if I want students to fill in a noun in the story I'd write [noun] in the spreadsheet cell in which I'm creating my story. When your completed work is published your students will see something like this on which they'll complete the MadLibs story.

Applications for Education
Using your MadLibs-style stories could be a fun way for your students to practice identifying parts of speech. When they use verb instead of a noun in a MadLibs-style story, the story doesn't make quite as much sense as it should have.

If you have students that are comfortable using spreadsheets, they could use the Flippity template to create and share their own MadLibs-style story templates to share.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wacky Web Tales - Fun Tales for Kids

Wacky Web Tales is a collection of MadLibs-like activities from Houghton Mifflin. Wacky Web Tales is designed for students in grades three and above. Wacky Web Tales asks students to fill-in a blank form using words to make parts of speech prompts. The words the students write into the blank form are the used in an automatically generated short story.

Applications for Education
Wacky Web Tales could be used by elementary school and middle school students to practice identifying the parts of speech. If students get stuck on a line, Wacky Web Tales has a help option that they can utilize.