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Friday, March 2, 2018

5 Tools for Creating Multimedia Books - Comparison Chart

Developing a multimedia ebook or magazine can be a to get kids excited about writing. Incorporating pictures, videos, and audio can be a good way for students to illustrate and or further explain portions of fiction and non-fiction stories that they write. The five tools featured in the chart embedded below enable students to create multimedia publications. There are links to tutorials for each tool included in the chart.

Click here if you cannot see the embedded chart.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Madmagz - Collaboratively Create Online Magazines

Madmagz is a neat platform for collaboratively creating online magazines. Madmagz provides you with a magazine template that lets you use images and text that you can edit alone or with invited collaborators. Unlike some other collaborative writing platforms, the original creator of the magazine has to approve or verify submissions from collaborators. When I was testing the platform I found the need to verify every change a little annoying, but I can see how many people would like to have that level of control over the editing process.

Publishing your Madmagz online is free. If you want to download your magazine as a PDF, you will have to pay for that option.

Applications for Education
Madmagz could be a good platform for creating an online school newspaper. Similarly, it would be good for creating a classroom newsletter in which students summarize the highlights of the month in your classroom.

Thanks to Alicia Roberts for the tip about Madmagz.