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Friday, March 20, 2009

Math Links You Might Have Missed

Free Technology for Teachers has recently seen a spike in the number of subscribers and daily viewers so I thought it would be appropriate to share some of the more popular links in various subject areas. I'm going to start this "links you might have missed" series with Mathematics links because I received an email today asking for some recommendations for using technology in the Mathematics classroom.

Math TV - Video Mathematics Lessons (blog review) (direct link)

Ghost Blasters, Math Blasters (blog review) (direct link)

Math Factor Podcast (blog review) (direct link)

Math Moves U (blog review) (direct link)

Math A Tube (blog review) (direct link)

The Numeracy Project (blog review) (direct link)

Who Wants Pizza? (blog review) (direct link)

Mathway - Step by Step Math Help (blog review) (direct link)

Mudd Math Fun Facts (blog review) (direct link)

Mathematics in the Movies (blog review) (direct link)

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Math A Tube - Video Math Help

Math A Tube is a video website that I included in my list of 20+ Educational Alternatives to YouTube. Math A Tube is a compilation of videos from a variety of users and other websites. Videos are categorized by mathematics topics and sub-topics. The videos demonstrate everything from basic addition through Geometry. The videos on Math A Tube are user-generated so some videos are better than others.

Applications for Education
Videos from Math A Tube could be a great addition to a math teacher's class website or blog. These videos may provide help to students when they're not in your classroom. The videos could also be useful in presenting information to your students in a manner that you may not have previously tried.