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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Free Math Worksheets

Noetic Learning hosts a mathematics worksheet creation tool. Noetic Learning has a free section and a premium members only section. The free section provides seven easy-to-use templates for creating math worksheets on the topics of addition, subtraction, mulitplication, division, fractions, number lines, and money. I tried the free addition worksheet creator and found it very easy to quickly create a worksheet. I selected the number of problems that I wanted on the worksheet and Noetic Learning auto-generated the problems.

Applications for Education
Noetic Learning's math worksheet creator is a good tool for mathematics teachers that need to quickly create mathematics practice activities.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Math TV - Video Mathematics Lessons

Math TV is a math video website that I learned about through the excellent Teaching College Math blog. Math TV provides an extensive collection of high quality mathematics tutorials. Math TV's video lessons cover basic mathematics and Algebra. Math TV videos are not easily embedded in other websites, but they are free and you can create your own individualized playlists.

Applications for Education
Math TV could be a useful website for middle school and high school mathematics to share with their students. Using the playlist option, teachers can create a playlist to match the content they are teaching in their classrooms. In this manner, Math TV makes a good supplement to a teacher's instruction for students to refer to when they are at home.

For more math video options, please see my lists of educational alternatives to YouTube here and here.