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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Math Keyboard and More Updates to Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms doesn't get as much coverage on this blog as Google Forms, but that doesn't mean that Microsoft Forms doesn't have some great features. In fact, it has some features that I wish Google would add to Google Forms.

In March Microsoft added some nice features to Microsoft Forms. For students and teachers, the most significant of those new features is the inclusion of a math keyboard. This feature lets students use a virtual keyboard to answer open-ended math questions in Microsoft Forms.

A small, but convenient update to Microsoft Forms lets you launch Forms from the header of

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Try the Office Compatibility Extension to Open & Edit Files in Chrome

Let's say you're a devoted Google Docs user like me, but some of your colleagues are wedded to Microsoft Office products. To work with the files those colleagues send to you, you can either install Office yourself or try using Google's Office Compatibility Extension.

Google's Office Compatibility Extension enables you to drag Office files into Chrome, open them in Gmail, and open them in Google Drive (provided you are using the latest version of Google Drive). Once the file is opened you can edit it and save it in your Google Drive and or download it as an Office file to send to people who prefer Office files.

Office Compatibility is being rolled out to all Google Apps for Edu domains in the next few days. You can read more about that on the Google Apps Updates blog.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Students Can Get Office 365 for Free (Some Conditions Apply)

Microsoft's Student Advantage program allows eligible students to get free copies of Office 365. To qualify students have to be enrolled in a school that has purchased Office organization-wide for all faculty/staff via the Microsoft Volume Licensing program. If your school has done that then your students are eligible to request a free copy of Office 365 for their personal computers. The program is currently open to students in the United States and will expand globally later this year. Click here for complete directions and terms for taking advantage of this offer.