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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Acoustic Atlas - Sounds of the Wild West

Acoustic Atlas is a Montana State University Library project that features an ArcGIS Storymap. The Acoustic Atlas storymap is an audio and visual tour of Montana's four ecosystems.

As you scroll through Acoustic Atlas you will see read text and see pictures of the four ecosystems. While scrolling you will also hear the sounds of birds, mammals, and insects that are native to each ecosystem. Those ecosystems are Greater Yellowstone, Crown of the Continent, High Plains, and Upper Missouri. In a few parts of the atlas you will find additional recordings that you can play on demand.

Applications for Education
I enjoyed scrolling through Acoustic Atlas and I'm sure that many students would enjoy it as well. It provides a great overview of the animals and plants of Montana and some neighboring areas. If you have a large monitor, the experience is better than on an iPad or Chromebook. It is also possible to print the Acoustic Atlas text and imagery with one click, but obviously you won't get the benefit of audio.

H/T to Maps Mania

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Slides from My Presentation in Missoula, Montana

This morning I gave my most popular keynote, Ten Common Challenges Facing Educators, in Missoula, Montana. Every time I give this talk I alter it a bit. I also promise the audience that I will post the slides shortly after the talk. To keep that promise, I've embedded the slides below.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dinosaur Trivia Game

Montana's tourism board has a great website for kids called Montanakids. On Montanakids users will find information about Montana and attractions in Montana. Most of the information is specific to Montana, but some of the games and information applies to the larger world. One of the sections useful for students and teachers is Dino Trivia. Dino Trivia is a fun interactive game for elementary students. Students are provided some brief information about dinosaurs before they play the game.

Applications for Education
The Dino Trivia Game on Montanakids provides some brief information about dinosaurs and dinosaur fossils found in Montana. After reviewing the information students play the interactive game.
An extension activity based on Dino Trivia would be to have students research and map the locations of dinosaur fossil discoveries across the country or the world. Students could use Google Maps or a traditional paper and pencil map to complete the activity.