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Thursday, June 23, 2011

7 Tips for ISTE Newbies

A couple of years ago I received the good fortune to attend NECC (now called ISTE) as the NECC Newbie. NECC/ISTE Newbie was an experiment in using social media to raise money. Beth Still organized the whole thing and you can read all about it on Beth's blog.

I won't be attending ISTE this year (my schedule is just too full with other engagements), but that won't stop me from sharing my advice with those of you attending for the first time.

1. Make sure you charge your phone, tablet, laptop every night. Power outlets constitute prime real estate and you might not always be able to find an outlet when you need it. That said, bringing a power strip and sharing it is a great way to meet new people.

2. Say hi to the people you think you recognize from Twitter, Classroom 2.0, and other networks. You might feel stalkerish doing it at first, I know that I did, but trust me no one thinks you're a stalker. Along the same lines, say hello to people next to you in the sessions you attend. Part of the ISTE experience is connecting with other educators to share ideas and learn from each other.

3. Take a lap through vendor showroom, but don't spend too long there. Companies spend thousands to be on the showroom floor and are good at showing off their shiniest newest products. Just ask yourself before you sit down for a half-hour sales pitch, "will I benefit from spending my time here?" For a lot of classroom teachers the answer is probably not.

4.  Don't underestimate the importance of good shoes. You could end up doing a lot of walking during the day. Go for comfort over style.

5. Attend all of the formal sessions you want and can get into, but if you find yourself in a session that doesn't "do it" for you, it's okay to leave early.

6. If you want to see samples of what teachers and students are really doing in their classrooms, go to the poster sessions. I've found those displays to be the source of some great ideas.

7. If you're a cheapskate like me you can fill yourself on appetizers at vendor-sponsored evening meet-ups. See #3 above to find out where and when they are happening. Also see #1 and #2 to make connections and find out when and where meet-ups are happening.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Interview With Beth Still About ISTE Newbie 2010

As many of you know, last year I was fortunate enough to attend NECC 2009 through the donations of many of you, VoiceThread, and the hard work of Beth Still. You can read about last year's project and my experiences here, here, and here. Last year, the fund-raising began in April. The fund-raising for the 2010 ISTE Newbie Project has begun already. In the video below Beth and I talk about the ISTE 2010 Newbie Project, the purpose, and the fundraising.

These are the links mentioned in the video:
Beth Still - Nebraska Change Agent
Jason Shrage - Oswego 98

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Support the Next NECC/ISTE Newbie

It's long overdue that I post something about Beth Still's NECC/ISTE Newbie Project. As many of you will recall, this year I was able to attend NECC/ISTE through the generous donations made by many of you to the fundraising effort Beth created. For 2010 Beth is organizing another fundraising effort. This time it is to send another first-timer to the NECC/ ISTE conference in Denver. Beth selected Jason Schrage to be 2010's newbie. Jason was one of Beth's co-consipirators (I mean that in the nicest way) in the organization of the Newbie Project that allowed me to go to NECC/ISTE in Washington, DC. Jason is a middle school teacher in western New York.

Please visit Beth's blog to read all about Jason and the fundraising efforts for the 2010 NECC/ISTE Newbie Project.

Friday, July 3, 2009

One Last Video Interview from NECC 2009

This is the last of the official ISTE, NECC 2009 video interviews that I did during the week. There are other video interviews that I did and I'll be sure to Tweet those when they're available.

In this video Steve Muth from VoiceThread and I were interviewed about the NECC Newbie Project and about how we see VoiceThread being used in academic settings.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Preliminary Reflections on NECC 2009

The new websites and technology resources that I learned about at NECC 2009 will come later this week in the "normal" style that you've come to expect from me.

NECC 2009 is concluding as I begin to draft this post. Without any exception, NECC 2009 was an absolutely amazing, at times almost surreal, experience made possible by all of you. It was especially made possible by those of you who donated to the fundraising effort. And a few more huge thank you's to Beth Still who organized the fundraising, to VoiceThread which essentially matched all of the donations, and to Lee Kolbert who made the connection between VoiceThread and the fundraising effort.

As Jeff Utecht and others have noted, some of the most valuable experiences at NECC, particulary for early adopters is the conversations that take place between educators. Those conversations could be planned or impromptu, but either way they are valuable. For example, I had innumerable conversations with people about the value of creating a personal learning network or PLN. None of those conversations were planned, yet each one was experience in sharing and learning.

In the end the best way that I can describe the NECC experience is as an opportunity to build your own professional development. If you're the type of person that enjoys going to seminars to learn, you can do that at NECC. If you're the type of person that enjoys learning through conversation, you can do that at NECC. If you want to experience a mix of those two styles, you can do that at NECC too.

Throughout the next week, as I have more time to reflect (and rest, I'm not home yet), I will share more of my thoughts about the NECC experience.

Monday, April 20, 2009

You Did It! I'll Be a NECC Newbie

Thank you to everyone that donated to the NECC Newbie project created by Beth Still to send me to NECC 2009 in Washington, DC. Yesterday, while I was on a "computer break" a very large donation was made by the kind folks at VoiceThread. That donation represented almost 50% of the goal of $1500. But, it wasn't just VoiceThread that made reaching this goal possible, it was everyone who donated, Tweeted about the project, and blogged about the project that made it possible for me to attend NECC. The full list of public donors can be seen here.

As I mentioned above, I was on a "computer break" yesterday afternoon and evening so it wasn't until this morning that I learned that the goal had been met. Needless to say, I was very excited to read on Beth's blog that the goal had been met. Thank you to all of the folks that Tweeted their congratulations yesterday. I'm sorry that I wasn't online to respond to each of you as the Tweets came in.

Later today I will have more to share about the NECC Newbie project and my NECC plans, but for now I just want to say thank you everyone and I hope to meet many of you at NECC.