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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

NOVA RNA Lab - Explore the Science of RNA

NOVA Labs is site through which students and other aspiring citizen scientists can participate in virtual labs. Some of the labs have been going on for years while others like the RNA Lab are relatively new.

The RNA Virtual Lab is designed for students to learn about the molecular shapes and functions of RNA strands. Students progress through the virtual lab by first watching tutorials then trying to design biomolecules. If students successfully complete all of the challenges in the virtual lab they will be sent on to the Eterna multiplayer online game where they can then collaborate with others on the design of RNA molecules.

Applications for Education
NOVA provides teachers with a comprehensive guide to use the RNA Virtual Lab in their classrooms. Even if your students are not going to advance to the Eterna multiplayer game, they can still learn a lot by taking the RNA video quizzes that are found throughout the lab.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Energy Defined, the Making of Clouds, and More from NOVA Labs

The science course that enjoyed the most as an undergraduate was Meteorology so this evening when I discovered the NOVA Labs YouTube channel I found myself sucked into the videos. NOVA Labs is a playlist within NOVA's YouTube channel. In the NOVA Labs playlist you will find two dozen videos about weather, climate, and energy. Each video is roughly three minutes in length making them suitable as supplementary material for middle school and high school lessons. A sample of the playlist is embedded below.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Create Citizen Scientists With NOVA Labs

NOVA Labs is a community site for students and other aspiring citizen scientists. On NOVA Labs students can participate in three ongoing projects. The three projects are Sun Lab, Energy Lab, and Cloud Lab. Each lab includes materials for learning about the respective science in order to make observations and predictions.

Watch Anatomy of the Sun on PBS. See more from NOVA.

Applications for Education
NOVA Labs provides a fairly extensive set of materials for teachers that want to use the labs in their classrooms. These materials include lesson structures, videos, and related online articles for teaching about the sun, clouds, and energy. You can also skip the educators section and go directly to the set of 23 videos from NOVA Labs.