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Thursday, February 14, 2019

How Ocean Currents Work - And 24 Other Lessons About Oceans

How Do Ocean Currents Work? is a TED-Ed lesson that makes a fantastic addition to TED-Ed's list of lessons about oceans. The list now has 25 lessons covering a range of ocean-related topics including how waves are formed, the depths of oceans, and lessons about marine life.

In How Do Ocean Currents Work? viewers learn about the forces influencing surface and deep ocean currents. The lesson is told through the story of 28,000 rubber ducks drifting around the world.

I've watched this lesson a few times. The last time that I watched it I realized that the clay model featured in the video could be replicated in a fish tank or large dish pan. Having students make and modify models like the one in the video could be a good way for them to see and experiment with forces that influence the flow of water.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

How the Tides Work - Three Explanations

I'm starting to see commercials for season 10 of the Discovery Channel's popular series Deadliest Catch. Those commercials got me to watch a couple of old episodes of the show through Netflix. One of those episodes included a segment about the role of tides on the shifting arctic icepack. If you have students who watch Deadliest Catch, the following three videos could help them understand how tides work.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Safety Video - The Grip of the Rip

 If your summer vacation plans call for taking kids to the beach, NOAA has safety reminder for you. The Grip of the Rip is a short animated video about rip currents. The video covers recognizing signs of a rip current, what to do if you're caught in one, and what to do if you see someone caught in one. The video and the transcript are available here. I've also embedded the video below.