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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Kahoot Acquired - What Could That Mean for You?

Last spring I got quite excited about a new online whiteboard tool called A lot of other people did, too. This blog post that I wrote about had more than 100,000 hits! The success of didn't go unnoticed by other educational technology companies as evidenced by the announcement that Kahoot has acquired

The announcement that Kahoot published was short on details on about what the acquisition of means for both services going forward. Initially, it appears that will continue to operate as normal. My guess is that Kahoot plans to integrate some or all of the functions into of into the Kahoot game platform. 

If Kahoot were to integrate into its game platform we could see options for teachers to use a whiteboard function to draw or write math problems and or diagrams. We could see options for students to reply to questions with free-hand drawings and writing on individual whiteboards. I'm curious to see what the engineers at Kahoot and develop together for teachers and students. 

Here's a short video overview of how works today. 

Friday, February 12, 2021 - Create Online Whiteboards You Can Share and Monitor

Back in September I wrote a review of a new online whiteboard tool called I like it because it allows teachers to create whiteboards for their students. Teachers can then remotely monitor the whiteboards to see what their students are doing on those whiteboards. It's great for doing things like asking students to solve a math problem and then watch as students work out the solutions on their whiteboards.

Since my initial review of back in September, the folks behind the service have been steadily adding more features to the service. Some of those new features include:

  • More background choices including options for sheet music, lined paper, and graphing paper. 
  • New symbols and clipart including cute alphabet animals. 
  • Templates for flowcharts and mind maps. 
  • Virtual math manipulatives.
  • Recording audio and video notes to add to whiteboards.
  • Inclusion of Microsoft's Immersive Reader to provide read-aloud capabilities. 
Just as before, can be used by you and your students without having to register or sign into an account. You can learn more about how works, including the teacher and student views in my new video about the service. 

See my earlier review of in this video.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Lucidspark - A New Collaborative Online Whiteboard Option

Lucidspark is a new collaborative whiteboard tool from the makers of the popular Lucidchart service. Lucidspark has all of the features that we've come to expect in an online whiteboard tool. It contains tools for placing pre-made shapes, drawing with a pen tool, and adding text to the screen. There is a wide array of color options for all of the elements that you add to your whiteboard in Lucidspark. 

There are two elements of Lucidspark that differentiate it from some of its competitors. First, Lucidspark offers a large gallery of templates that you can apply to your whiteboard. That gallery includes templates for things like concept maps, flowcharts, empathy maps, and story maps. The sharing menu is the other area in which Lucidspark separates itself from some of its competitors. The sharing options in Lucidspark will remind many people of the options found in Google Docs. You can share your Lucidspark pages as "view only," "comment only," and "edit." You can send collaboration invitations via email or by simply posting a link in your LMS. 

Here's a video overview of Lucidspark. 

Applications for Education
Lucidspark, like many other online whiteboard tools, could be a useful tool for teachers conducting live online or hybrid classes. Much like using Jamboard instead of Zoom's whiteboard tool, using Lucidspark when you need to sketch a concept map or illustrate a point enables you to share that sketch later and use it in other places independently of Zoom (or Google Meet or Microsoft Teams).