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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PBworks Summer Camp

Would you like to learn how to improve your use of wikis in your classroom? Do you know someone who would like to learn about using wikis in his or her classroom? If you answered yes, PBworks Summer Camp may be for you.

PBworks Summer Camp is a four week program being run by PBworks for teachers. In the Summer Camp participants will learn the ins and outs of using PBworks in their classrooms. There is a structured syllabus with weekly assignments for participants. Each week there is a webinar about that week's topic(s). Some of the course's topics include setting up a wiki, using interactive media, security settings, and using classroom accounts. You can read the full syllabus and course details here.

Applications for Education
PB Works Summer Camp is a good opportunity for teachers to learn tips and techniques for enhancing their use of wikis in their classrooms.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

PBwiki Is Now PBworks

PBwiki, a great, free wiki service that many educators use has changed its name to PBworks. According to their press release and blog, they changed the name to reflect a move toward becoming a more full-featured collaboration space for businesses and academia. If you're a current PBwiki user all of your wikis and urls will automatically redirect to the new PBworks url. The login credentials that you and your students have created for PBwiki will continue to work the on PBworks. The best news of all is PBworks will continue to give free wiki space to classroom teachers.

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