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Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Presentation Remote I Use With Google Slides, PPT, and Keynote

I don't often make suggestions for physical products to purchase. The exception being if I am if it is for a low-cost product for an individual teacher and it is a product that I have extensive hands-on experience using. That's why I was happy to recommend the Targus Laser Presentation remote to a reader named Therese. Therese asked me if there is a presenter-clicker-pointer that works well with Google Slides and PowerPoint.

I have used the Targus Laser Presentation remote for at least the last five years. It's a plug-and-play remote that I've used on Mac, Windows 7, Windows 10, and Chromebooks to run Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Keynote presentations. To use it all you need to do is plug the receiver into a USB port on your laptop, turn on the remote, and you're good to go. If you need it, the remote includes a black-out function for hiding your slides.

There are more expensive remotes on the market, but at $30-35 on Amazon the Targus Laser Presentation remote is hard to beat.

Monday, April 21, 2014

EverySlide - Share Your Slides and Run Polls At the Same Time

EverySlide is a free (for educators and students) service that allows you to share your slides directly to the iPads, laptops, Chromebooks, and Android devices used by members of your audience. As you move through your shared slides you can pop-up a poll to gather feedback from your audience.

EverySlide supports PowerPoint and Keynote slides. To get started just upload your slides to EverySlide (you can re-use uploaded slides for multiple groups). When you're ready to present give your audience the access code for your slides. At the end of your presentation you can grab a spreadsheet of the responses to your poll questions. Watch the video below for an overview of EverySlide.

Everyslide - your old slides made interactive from KPicture Inc. on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
In a 1:1 classroom EverySlide could be an excellent tool for gathering feedback from students while conducting a lesson. When your students are presenting to the class they can use EverySlide to share their slides with you.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Power of Technology For...

This morning in Salt Lake City  I gave a presentation at the Literacy Promise Conference. These are the slides from that presentation.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ten Game Templates to use in MS Office

This morning I received an email from someone who had seen me present at the NCTIES Conference in March. The email shared some information about some free game templates produced by Dr. Jeff Ertzberger at UNC Wilmington. UNCW EdGames offers ten free templates for creating educational review games using PowerPoint and Excel. Each template is accompanied by a video tutorial to help you get started. (Turn down your volume before opening the videos because they're loud).

Applications for Education
These game templates aren't going to revolutionize your instruction, but they could be handy if you need to create some simple review games to use in your classroom.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SlideShark - Convert & View PPT on Your iPad

From the same people that created My Brainshark comes SlideShark. SlideShark is a free app for converting and viewing PPT files on your iPad. SlideShark converts your PowerPoint files without losing any of your original formatting, transitions, or animations. To use SlideShark just upload your PPT files to your free SlideShark account, SlideShark converts the files for you, then you can access your converted files on your iPad at anytime using the free SlideShark app.

The video below provides an overview of how SlideShark works.

Applications for Education
If your school is one that is trying to implement an iPad program, SlideShark could be a handy app for you. In particular, students and teachers who don't have iPads at home, but use them at school could benefit from SlideShark. Those students and teachers could still use their old reliable PPT tools at home then come to school where their presentations will still look great when viewed on an iPad.