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Monday, February 9, 2015

Pearltrees - Visually Organize and Share Collections of Files and Links

Pearltrees is a visual bookmarking tool that I first tried nearly five years ago. Over the years it has changed in response to feedback from its users. One of those changes was a transition from free-form webs of related files and links to its current format of visual squares and folders. I'm a big fan of the current format.

Pearltrees now allows you to organize collections of links, videos, images, and files. All of your collections appear in your Pearltrees homescreen and from there you can access and add to any of your collections. The new format makes it easy to drag-and-drop files from your desktop to a collection in your Pearltrees account. The Pearltrees browser extension enables you to quickly add content from a webpage to your collections. To combine folders or create sub-folders simply drag and drop one folder on top of another just like you do when making folders of apps on an iPad. Speaking of iPads, Pearltrees works the same way in your web browser as it does in their free iPad and Android apps.

Pearltrees offers a handful of ways to share your collections of resources. In addition to the typical methods of Tweeting, Facebooking, and emailing collections, you can embed your collections into a webpage. Embedding your collection into a webpage could be a great way to share collections of resources with your students when they visit your classroom or course blog.

Applications for Education
Pearltrees recently published a good guide to using their service in schools. Included in that guide are tutorials for teachers and use cases for education. One of the use cases that stands out is the option to collaborate with students on the development of collections of resources during a research project.

Last but not least, Pearltrees now offers a slideshow display option that you can use when viewing all of the resources in a collection. Simply click on any item in a collection to launch the slideshow. Using the slideshow format could be a good way to have students quickly take turns discussing the resources that they have added to a collaboratively created collection. I envision doing this by opening a slideshow and flipping through the slides. When a resource that a student has added pops-up he or she will have 20-30 seconds to talk about why he or she added that resource.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Organize and Share Files and Bookmarks on Pearltrees

Pearltrees is a service that combines social bookmarking with mind-mapping. Using Pearltrees you can bookmark websites and arrange your bookmarks into webs or mindmaps of related topics. Recently, Pearltrees added the option for users to upload files use in their mindmaps. Users can arrange and share their files just like they can with any other Pearltrees mindmap. Pearltrees can be used in your web browser or through the free Pearltrees iOS and Android apps.

Applications for Education
Uploading files to Pearltrees gives students another way to create digital portfolios to show-off their best work. Through Pearltress students can showcase work they've created offline along with work they've published online. For example, a student could combine links to their best blog posts with pictures of artwork that they have created offline.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Try Pearltrees for iPhone and iPad

Pearltrees is a nice tool for visually organizing pictures, links, and videos that you find on the web. Pearltrees are webs of the links, images, and videos that you find and organize. You can arrange and re-arrange your webs in as many ways and as many times as you like. I previously wrote about the web version of Pearltrees last November. Today, I received an email from Pearltrees announcing their new iPhone app.

The Pearltrees iPhone app is a free app that allows you to organize your links, images, and videos just as you would on the web version of Pearltrees. I don't have an iPhone, but I do have an iPad that I tried used Pearltrees on. The Pearltrees iPhone app appears to function the same way as the iPad app.

Applications for Education
Whether they use it on the web or use the iOS apps, Pearltrees can be a good tool for students to use to visually organize their findings around a topic. The iOS apps for Pearltrees takes that same visual organization element and puts it on a touch screen device.

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Pearltree of Free Technology for Teachers

A few months ago I wrote Playing With Pearltrees - A Great Way to Organize the Web. Last night I was exploring Pearltrees again when I came across a Pearltree titled Free Technology for Teachers. While the name is the same as my blog, I did not have anything to do with creating that particular Pearltree. That said, many of the resources cataloged in the Free Technology for Teachers Pearltree are excellent resources that I have used and or written about here in the past. If you're looking for a good visual collection of technology resources, take a look at the Pearltree embedded below.
Free Technology for Teachers in Louise Robinson-Lay (loremipsem)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Playing With Pearltrees - A Great Way to Organize the Web

Over the years I've written about a lot of social bookmarking services and mind-mapping services (I even co-authored a chapter of a bookon mind-mapping). Pearltrees is a service that combines social bookmarking with mind-mapping. Using Pearltrees you can bookmark websites and arrange your bookmarks into webs or mind-maps of related topics. For example, this Pearltree contains links to stories, images, and videos about news from Libya.

You can create as many Pearltrees as you like within your account. Adding content to your Pearltrees can be done through a browser bookmarklet, browser extension, or by manually copying and pasting links. With the bookmarklet or extension installed in your browser, simply click on the Pearltree icon anytime you find something you want to bookmark. Then with the Pearltree dialogue box open select the Pearltree you want to add to. Of course, as with any good social bookmarking services, you can share your Pearltrees with anyone you like.

The video below provides a short overview of Pearltrees.

Applications for Education
Pearltrees could be a great tool for students to use to organize their web research according to topics or units of study in your courses. I'm thinking that by using Pearltrees throughout a course students would be able to create webs of resources for each unit you teach then visually connect those webs as a summative exercise at the end of a quarter, semester, or year.