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Thursday, November 2, 2017 - Better Peer Feedback

This is a guest post from Nateil Carby

In preparation for our Fall Break (Monday, October 9th), I asked my students to craft an argumentative essay about Columbus Day. The writing prompt was, “Should we celebrate Columbus Day or not? Be sure to cite textual evidence from BOTH passages to support your claim.” Students read two articles from our Performance Assessment Workbook about Columbus Day and then they used those sources to write their first draft.

For any extended writing piece, I have students organize their thinking using a graphic organizer. I’m an advocate for using the 4-Square Writing Model. There are different variations but I used one that looks like this. You can learn more about the 4-Square Model HERE.

Anyway, because I printed out the 4-square model for everyone, I couldn’t print out my peer-evaluation rubric. Typically, once students craft their first-draft, I have them peer-evaluate each other’s essays by hand!! But that requires MORE paper!! We have a limited number of copies, so I was thinking about how students can peer-grade each other’s essays online and that’s when I came across

This site is AWESOME!! Students can single sign-on with their Google Accounts, you can import a roster from Google Classroom, and then the app randomly distributes THREE essays to each student! There is a rubric that is created by the site, or you can upload/create your own. The feedback that students give is anonymous, so that eliminates the number of revenge-seeking students on the receiving end!! The site is easy to navigate, but it will take teachers a minute to learn how to properly set up the Hand-In & Feedback Window. However, once you figure it out, you’ll never go back to paper and pencil peer evaluations! This site is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to an English teacher’s toolbox. The writing process won’t ever be the same!!

About the author:
Mr. Nateil Carby is a 7th Grade Mathematics & Language Arts teacher living on the southside of Atlanta, Georgia. He is married with a 7-month old son named, Prestin. He’s also the new STEM Director of his school and he’s finishing up his second Masters degree. He enjoys reading, writing and boxing in his spare time. Follow him on Twitter at @NateilCarby

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Providing Feedback with Peergrade

Peergrade is a platform that allows teachers to make sure students receive meaningful feedback on all of their work. Teachers create an assignment and a rubric then students upload their work. They set a hand in time for when all work has to be uploaded. Once that time passes, the uploaded assignments are randomly distributed to students who then provide anonymous feedback. Students receive their feedback which teachers can see as well.
There is also an option that allows students to grade their own work and for teachers to provide feedback as well.

Peergrade can be integrated with several popular LMS's including Canvas and Moodle. The basic level of Peergrade is free while there is a fee for Peergrade Pro and the Institution level.

Applications for Education
Peergrade solves a problem that many teachers who have asked their students to peer review have experienced. That problem is lack of depth in the feedback that students give to each other. Peergrade can help you guide your students into providing more meaningful feedback to each other.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Draft - Focused, Collaborative Writing

Draft is a collaborative writing tool that makes you focus on writing and revising by giving users a simple interface. In Draft you won't find options for inserting images or messing around with font types. In Draft you just write. When you're ready to get feedback about your writing, you can invite someone to read your document by entering that person's email address. The person that reads your document can suggest edits. When the person reading your document is done you can accept or reject the suggested edits.

Applications for Education
For students who don't have Google Documents, Draft could be a nice tool for peer editing online.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Get Backboard - Get Feedback Faster

The first time I reviewed Backboard in May it was a simple website through which you could post a document and have people leave feedback for you in a message board or comment system style. It was easy to use and free so I thought it had potential as online resource for conducting peer-review of documents. Yesterday, I received an email informing me of some updates to Backboard that make it a better product.

Backboard has recently added the capability for real-time commenting within a document which is an improvement over the previous system. Backboard now has a full-screen mode and a resizing option to allow you to work with images of almost any size. Speaking of images, Backboard now supports the inclusion of vector graphics. Finally, Backboard offers RSS feeds for your documents so that you can track comments in your favorite RSS reader.

Applications for Education
Backboard is a quick and easy way for students and teachers to peer-review documents. To upload a document, you need to create an account, but to comment you do not. So if you want to have students comment on an article or on an image you can have the class writing comments very quickly.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Backboard - Super Simple Feedback System

Backboard is a simple way to share and gather feedback about your documents, images, or websites. Backboard works like this, upload your document, image, or insert the url to your webpage. Backboard then hosts your project on a page on which visitors can leave you feedback. Your project is given a unique url which you can share with others to direct them to your project and leave you feedback. As the owner of the work you can also leave comments. Click here to see a sample of the project I uploaded to test the service, please leave feedback if you would like to.

Applications for Education
Backboard is a simple web tool that teachers can use with students to start an online conversation about an image or document. Backboard might also be used as a tool for peer-evaluation and editing of documents, images, or website designs. Leaving feedback on Backboard does not require visitors to create an account before commenting which makes it quick and easy for visitors to leave a comment.