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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Take a Virtual Tour of Petra In Google Cardboard or In Street View

Last year Google added a virtual tour of Petra to its collection of landmarks that you can see in-depth in Google Maps Street View. This week that tour was updated for viewing in Google Cardboard VR headsets. Much of the imagery used in the tour was captured by a Street View Trekker camera. Take a quick tour of the imagery by watching the video below. Check out the Petra virtual tours here.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Explore Petra in Google Maps

Google's Street View imagery is continuously expanding. The latest update takes us to Jordan where we can virtually explore the ancient city of Petra. Much of the imagery used in the new Street View imagery was captured by placing the Street View Trekker camera. Take a quick tour of the imagery by watching the video below.

The latest update to Street View imagery isn't limited to Petra. Other historic sites in Jordan are included in the new Street View imagery. The imagery includes Mount Nebo and the Dead Sea. Click here for the complete collection of Jordan Street View imagery.

Applications for Education
Much like the Street View imagery of other UNESCO world heritage sites, the new Street View imagery of Petra allows students to virtually explore a place that can't be done by simply flipping through pictures in a book or on a website.

Friday, February 7, 2014

AirPano - Gorgeous 360 Degree Virtual Tours of the World

AirPano is a fantastic site for viewing gorgeous 360 degree imagery of dozens of famous landmarks and cities all over the world. I initially reviewed the site a couple of years ago. Recently, I noticed that AirPano has added some new features to go along with an expansion of their galleries.

Much of the AirPano imagery now includes interactive pinmarks that you can click to learn more about the places you're seeing in the AirPano imagery. For example, if you visit the AirPano imagery of Petra you can click the pinmarks to learn about the construction of Petra and the significance of various carvings seen throughout the virtual tour.

AirPano now offers videos along with 360 degree imagery. The videos aren't interactive like the pictures are, but they do provide a great visual overview of cities and landscapes.

Applications for Education
Using AirPano imagery for virtual tours could be a good way for students to explore the places they're reading about in a social studies lesson or places they've read about during a literature lesson. AirPano imagery is available in a variety of resolutions to accommodate visitors using slower Internet connections and visitors using the site on iPads or Android tablets.