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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Shutterfly Offers Tips for Taking Perfect Pictures - Interactive Guide

From graduation ceremonies to end-of-year field trips to summer vacation trips, this time of year presents many opportunities to take pictures of friends, family, and students. To help you take better pictures, Shutterfly offers an interactive guide to taking the perfect photo.

Shutterfly's guide to taking the perfect photo begins by having you select the type of camera that you are using. Choose either DSLR or smartphone or point-and-shoot. From there you can select a photo type, there are twelve to choose from, to receive a set of tips on taking the perfect photo. Some of the photo types include selfie, portrait, candid, and action.

Here's one of Shutterfly's tips for taking action photos with a smartphone:
Place your finger on the screen where you expect the action to occur. This will lock in focus so that you can take a photo quickly by removing your finger once your subject is visible in the frame.

Applications for Education
I often encourage teachers to have their students collaborate on the development of a picture gallery that they can use whenever they need images for slideshow and video projects. That gallery isn't terribly useful if the pictures aren't good. Shutterfly's guide to taking the perfect photo could be a good resource to review with students before sending them off to take pictures to use in slideshow and video projects.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Picture Manhattan Inside the Grand Canyon

Gus Petro is a Swiss photographer that recently published a neat visualization of the size of the Grand Canyon. He took his pictures of buildings and the Manhattan skyline and used Photoshop to drop them into his pictures of the Grand Canyon. You can see the pictures on Gus Petro's website and in this Atlantic article which is where I found them.

Applications for Education
Gus Petro's photographs could be helpful in getting students to comprehend the depth of the Grand Canyon. Combine your use of his photographs with a Street View tour of the Grand Canyon or this virtual paddling trip through the Grand Canyon.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Panoguide -View Panoramas and Learn How to Create Them

I've previously written about some good sites for viewing panoramic images here, here, and here. I like panoramic images that can be zoomed and scrolled through because compared to standard images they provide students with a better sense of what a place really looks like.

Panoguide is another site on which users can browse through galleries geolocated on a Google Map. For students and teachers who would like to contribute panoramic images of their own to the gallery, Panoguide provides detailed directions on how to get started. Panoguide also provides user discussion forums through which you can learn even more about creating good panoramic images.

Applications for Education
Creating panoramic images of sites in their communities could be a good activity for both photography students and geography students. Specifically, I'm thinking that students at my school could create panoramic images of some of the lakes and mountain tops in our community. Panoguide could provide the direction needed to get some students and teachers on their way to doing just that.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Two Good Free Guides to Digital Photography

Yesterday, Make Use Of released a 59 page ebook titled The Essential Guide to Digital Photography. The book covers everything from selecting a camera to using your camera to editing your images. It's not the most in-depth guide you'll find on any of those three topics, but it does provide a nice overview of everything an aspiring photographer should know.

Make Use Of directed readers to Scribd to view The Essential Guide to Photography before downloading it. While on Scribd I looked at some other ebooks on digital photography and came upon the Absolute Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography. The Absolute Beginner's Guide is a 381 page soup to nuts guide for anyone delving into the world of photography as a hobby or art form. I've embedded that guide below.
Absolute Beginners Guide to Digital Photography

Applications for Education
If you're considering purchasing digital cameras for your classroom or your school, both of these guides should offer you some good advice on what to look for in your purchase. These guides could also be handy references to have in your classroom when you decide to have students start using digital cameras for multimedia presentation projects.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pullfolio - Portfolio Service for Flickr Photos

If you're a Flickr user, at one point or another you may have wished for a better way to display your photo sets. If that's the case for you, Pullfolio has an answer for you. Pullfolio provides Flickr users with a way to display their image collections in aesthetically pleasing online portfolios. Pullfolio provides a series of free templates for displaying your images in portfolios and slideshows. Pullfolio also gives you the ability to assign a unique url to your online portfolio.

Applications for Education
Pullfolio could be a good tool for photography teachers and students to collate and display their work.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flickr Galleries - Art Students Curate Collections

Through their blog, Flickr has announced a new feature they're simply calling "galleries." Using Flickr's galleries option, anyone can assemble a gallery of up to eighteen images. You can arrange galleries around a theme or idea and add your own commentary about the collection. Galleries can be made from images you've uploaded to Flickr or you can use public images found on Flickr.

Applications for Education
Flickr's new galleries option could be used by photography students to create galleries of their work with an explanation of the theme they were trying to capture in their images.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ansel Adams Talks About His Work - Videos

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art recently wrapped-up an exhibit of works by Ansel Adams. But if you missed it, as I did, you can see some great Ansel Adams content on the museum's website. Ansel Adams at 100 is an interactive exploration of Adams's work. Click on any image in the display to learn about the process of capturing the image and sharing the image with the world. In many cases you can hear audio recordings of Adams talking about a particular photograph. Visitors to the SFMOMA site will also find six short videos of Adams talking about his work.

Thanks to Open Culture for the links.

Applications for Education
For anyone that teaches art, particularly photography, Ansel Adams at 100 and the videos of Ansel Adams could be great teaching resources.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Psykopaint - Free Image Editor

Psykopaint is a new image editing tool that uses the color schemes in your existing images to provide you with a custom palate of colors for touching-up your images. You can also use Psykopaint to draw on an image.

To use Psykopaint just upload an image (their doesn't seem to be a size restriction) and begin editing. You can adjust the color saturation of an image, blur the edges of your image or the objects within your images. Psykopaint provides a good selection of brushes and color blending tools to get your image looking exactly the way you want it to look.

Applications for Education
Psykopaint is an easy-to-use tool that students can use touch-up and alter their digital photographs. Psykopaint might be useful for teaching students about blending colors and altering saturation levels.

Here are some related resources that may be of interest to you:
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

National Geographic Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

National Geographic has a daily user-generated photo gallery called the Your Shot Daily Dozen. The Daily Dozen is similar to the BBC's Day in Pictures series. The Daily Dozen contains user-submitted pictures from around the world. Each picture has a small caption containing a description and the location of where the photo was taken. National Geographic has two activities that students can use based on the Daily Dozen pictures, a jigsaw puzzle and a memory game. These activities could be a fun way for students to develop memory skills, matching skills, and puzzle solving skills.

Applications for Education
When I wrote about the BBC's Day in Picture series last year, I titled that blog post BBC's Day in Pictures Worth One Thousand Lessons. National Geographic's Daily Dozen has an equally large number of classroom uses. The images could be used as conversation starters in current events courses, environmental science classes, or photography classes. The images could also be used as story starters for a creative writing class.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Forward Thinking Museum - Virtual Museum

The Forward Thinking Museum is a virtual art museum containing more than 100 exhibitions and videos. Visitors can view image exhibitions or watch video exhibitions. The content ranges from subjects such as wildlife to architecture to people at work. The Forward Thinking Museum could keep you occupied for hours as you explore all of the exhibits. Visitors navigate through the Forward Thinking Museum by using their mouse or keyboard arrow keys.

Applications for Education
The Forward Thinking Museum could be a great resource for art teachers and art students. The museum could be used as an introduction to photography and videography styles. The Forward Thinking Museum could also be used as the centerpiece of a pairing and sharing activity.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Photl - Free Stock Photo Images

Finding free high-quality images can be difficult and confusing at times. Fortunately, everything you find on Photl is free to use in just about any manner that a teacher or student could think of. The only prohibited use that I read was that you cannot sell the images themselves, otherwise you can use them however you see fit. To find images you can search by keyword or browse through the tag cloud.

Applications for Education
Photl is a great collection of images that students can use in their digital presentations. The best part of having students use Photl is that you don't have to worry about copyright infringement.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Free Digital Photo Watermarking Tool

I have recently become very interested in copyright and content protection. On the same day that I was busy trying to prevent the re-use of Free Technology for Teachers for commercial gain, ran an article about watermarking images. The article included the reference to a free watermarking tool at I tried it out on some of the pictures I took while hiking last weekend. The service is easy to use, customizable, and fast. The only drawback to it is that the maximum file size it accepts is 100k and it does not accept PNG files. You can see one of the images I watermarked below.

Applications for Education is a good resource for art and photography teachers to introduce to their students. If your students have work that they are particularly proud of and want to put on the Internet, they may want to make sure that they are
properly credited . Creating a small custom watermark, it doesn't have to be as large as the one I made, is a good way for students to make sure their work is protected.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Method for Displaying Student Art in 3D

FotoViewr is a new service that enables users to display their image collections in a variety of 3D galleries. FotoViewr takes the images you select from your Flickr or SmugMug account and displays them in a 3D gallery. It's a simple one step process that produces a nice gallery display. Galleries created on FotoViewr can be embedded in your blog or website. I've embedded a small gallery of some of my photos taken while hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Applications for Education
FotoViewr could be useful for photography/ art teachers and students as a way to display student work online on a class blog or website. It may also be useful for teachers or students looking for a different way to display images from a field trip or special event at school.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Digital Learning Center

Digital cameras are replacing film cameras making photography a less expensive art form and hobby which in turn leads to more students experimenting with photography. Nikon, one of the most popular names in optics and cameras, has created the Nikon Digital Learning Center to help students develop their digital photography skills. The Digital Learning Center features how-to articles from professional photographers, a glossary of terms, and how-to tips and articles specific various photography genres.

Applications for Education
The Nikon Digital Learning Center is a nice new resource to compliment an art course. As photography and film become a more common element in presentations and assessments improving those images will become more important to some students and teachers. The Digital Learning Center is a place where non-art teachers can find some quick tips to help their students improve the visual elements of a presentation.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Free Technology For Teachers: Ansel Adams's Yosemite

Today's online edition of The New York Times has a great article and interactive feature about Ansel Adams's photography of Yosemite National Park. The interactive feature includes nine of Ansel Adams's photographs. When visitors click on a photograph it enlarges and a woman's voice narrates a short story about Adams's photography. In addition to the photographs there is an interactive map that displays the year in which and the place in the park where Adams took each photograph.

Applications for Education
This interactive feature is obviously a nice resource for art teachers. The interactive feature from The New York Times is also a great stimulus for lessons on American History. Teachers can tie in Adams's work and the development of the National Park system envisioned by Theodore Roosevelt.

Teachers looking for more lesson plan ideas about Ansel Adams should visit the PBS web page about Ansel Adams.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Free Technology For Teachers: Click, A Crowd- Currated Art Exhibit

Click is a current exhibit available online from the Brooklyn Museum. Click is a collection of photographs that the museum is inviting the world to evaluate. Anyone, regardless of their art education or lack thereof, can evaluate the images through the Click website. The evaluation process is simple. All a user has to do is move a marker on a sliding scale to submit their evaluation.

The image below shows the sliding scale used to evaluate each photograph.

Applications for Education
Click could be used by art teachers as a discussion starter among students. Each student could evaluate a set of photographs and share their opinions and reasoning for each evaluation. Users do have to register to participate in Click, but the registration is quick and simple as it asks for nothing more than a valid email address.