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Monday, June 15, 2009

Psykopaint - Free Image Editor

Psykopaint is a new image editing tool that uses the color schemes in your existing images to provide you with a custom palate of colors for touching-up your images. You can also use Psykopaint to draw on an image.

To use Psykopaint just upload an image (their doesn't seem to be a size restriction) and begin editing. You can adjust the color saturation of an image, blur the edges of your image or the objects within your images. Psykopaint provides a good selection of brushes and color blending tools to get your image looking exactly the way you want it to look.

Applications for Education
Psykopaint is an easy-to-use tool that students can use touch-up and alter their digital photographs. Psykopaint might be useful for teaching students about blending colors and altering saturation levels.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Photoshop Express Update- Now Embeddable

Photshop Express, the slimmed down, online version of the very popular Photoshop software has just released two updates. First, Photoshop Express can now be used with Flickr. The more important update is that Photoshop Express now has an embeddable player that users can place in a blog or other website. For those not interested in embedding their galleries in other places, Photoshop Express still assigns a unique url for each gallery.

Applications for Education
When Photoshop Express launched in late March I wrote about how it might be used in education. You can read that blog entry here. The way I'm currently using Photoshop Express with some of my students is by having them create slide presentations to match the creative stories they're writing about what they imagine a trip to India would be like.