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Friday, September 16, 2011

Twenty Years of Grunge

Please excuse this small bit of self-indulgence as I take a trip down memory lane.

This morning I did something I hardly ever do anymore, I went directly to The New York Times homepage. There it was front and center, smacking me in the face with memories of middle school, a story about Seattle's music scene twenty years after Nirvana's release of Smells Like Teen Spirit. Embedded in the sidebar of the article are some multimedia elements including a six minute mini-documentary about Seattle's, Nirvana's, and other bands' roles in shaping the music scene of the 90's.

Two things struck me as I watched the video. First, I'm definitely getting older. Second, many of my students listen to bands today that were heavily influenced by the likes of Nirvana. So what's this have to do with education? Don't worry here's the tie-in. Music teachers looking to give a lesson on the development of the modern music scene might want to pass this article and video along to students. Similarly, social studies teachers trying to develop lessons on 1990's culture may want to give the article and video a look.

And for all of my Gen-X contemporaries, happy listening.

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Pop Culture History Lesson

I hate to remind anyone of his or her age, but since I was reminded by Open Culture I thought I'd remind you too, MTV turned 30 today! Back then they played music videos not Jersey Shore or Real World (which never seemed real even in the early seasons of the show when I was a teenager). I can't think of any use for the video below other than as a short introduction to a lesson on American culture in the 1980's. Enjoy a trip down memory lane.