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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Presidential Debates 52 Years Later

Tomorrow (or today depending on when you read this) is the first debate between President Obama and Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney. You can watch the debate live on YouTube through the YouTube Politics channel. That is certainly a much different way to watch the debate compared to how the first televised Presidential debate between Kennedy and Nixon was watched in 1960. The Kennedy v. Nixon video is embedded below.

Applications for Education
I probably wouldn't have students watch all of the video above, but I might pull out sections of it to have students compare the debate topics of 1960 with the debate topics of 2012.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Forrest Gump and Videos on Ping Pong Diplomacy

This morning I eavesdropped on one of my US History students telling another that he had recently watched Forrest Gump on television. As both students were commenting on how unreal some of the scenarios in the film were I interjected with, "some of those scenarios are based on real events in US History." That's how we got on the topic of ping pong diplomacy. To give them a quick, unplanned, lesson about ping pong diplomacy I jumped on YouTube, did a search and quickly found this NBC Nightly News clip from the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing. You can watch that clip below.

The longer clip that is mentioned at the end of the one above can be found here and is embedded below.

On a related note, the American Experience movie about Nixon is available to view in its entirety through PBS Video. I've embedded the video below and you can also find it here.