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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Learnopia - A Place for Hosting Online Courses

Learnopia is a new service that offers hosting for online courses. Learnopia is also a place to find and take online courses. If course creators make their courses free for others to take, then hosting is free.  Currently, there are courses on Learnopia that are free and others that require payment.

Applications for Education
If you're looking a place to host an online course, Learnopia is worth giving a look. Unlike some similar services, Learnopia provides students taking your online course with a dashboard through which they can track tasks and communicate with you.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RCampus - Create and Conduct Courses Online

RCampus is a free, web-based, platform for creating and conducting courses online. Using RCampus teachers can create a course, collect students' assignments, and maintain a gradebook. RCampus provides all of the tools you would expect to find in an online course management system. Through RCampus you can post assignments, host discussion forums, post videos, post images, post links, collect assignments, and manage a gradebook.

When it comes time to assess the assignments you've collected from students, RCampus has a tool that can help you save time. iRubric is RCampus's tool for creating rubrics. When assessing assignments using iRubric, just click the cells that reflect the scores, click save, and the scores are sent to your gradebook.

RCampus also offers some useful features for students. Outside of the environment of your course, students can create and join learning communities in RCampus. These communities can be used for creating study groups. RCampus also gives students a space for creating an eportfolio that they can maintain for all courses they take on the RCampus platform.

Learn more about RCampus in the video below.

Thanks to Ms. Greene for the tip about RCampus through a comment on my post about Udemy.