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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

ReClipped Adds New Features for Recording & Sharing Video Notes

ReClipped is a video annotation tool that I first tried back in November. I was impressed by how ReClipped lets you not only clip or highlight sections of videos, but also lets you write time-stamped notes about those clipped sections. Watch the video here to see ReClipped in action.

Recently, ReClipped added some new features that teachers and students will like. ReClipped has always allowed you to create private boards (a place to share your video notes) but there was a limitation of 20 members per board. That limit has been raised to 25 members. Another improvement is the option to download your notes as a PDF. That could be helpful if you want your students to share their notes with you via Google Classroom or another LMS. Finally, there is now control over the auto-play function in ReClipped.

Applications for Education
There is still one option that I wish ReClipped would add. That option would be to remove the public board display when students log-in. The public board display is like looking at a random collection of YouTube videos. That said, if you have high school or college students, ReClipped could be useful for them to use to record notes on video lessons and lectures.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

ReClipped - Take Notes and Share Notes on Educational Videos

ReClipped is a neat tool that lets you take notes, share notes, and share clips from educational videos. ReClipped blends the best aspects of TurboNote,, and Pinterest into one slick system.

With a ReClipped account you can clip sections of videos that you find on YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Coursera, and TED. In addition to clipping you can create time-stamped notes about the videos that you clip. The Pinterest-like aspect of ReClipped appears if you choose to share your clips and notes on a board. ReClipped boards can be shared publicly or kept private.

Applications for Education
ReClipped has the potential to be a good place for high school and college students to discover and share notes about educational videos. Because of the public search for ReClipped boards I would be cautious about letting middle school students use it.