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Friday, March 15, 2019

Now You Can Download Your Synth Podcasts

Synth is a free podcasting tool that I've been recommending since its launch last fall. It provides a simple way to create short podcasts that people can reply to with their own audio comments. Think of it kind of like Flipgrid for audio.

Yesterday, Synth announced that you and your students can now download your recordings as MP3 files. You can download an individual recording or a series of threaded recordings.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Fun and Educational Family Activity to do After Thanksgiving Dinner

The traditional picture of an American home after the Thanksgiving meal includes people sitting around and chatting and or watching football. This year, StoryCorps wants people to take a moment to record a conversation with an older family member. The Great Thanksgiving Listen is an initiative intended to facilitate conversations between students and adult family members over Thankgiving weekend. Use the StoryCorps mobile apps to capture the conversations. The StoryCorps mobile apps includes question prompts and a suggested script for conducting interviews.

TED-Ed and StoryCorps collaborated to produce the following video to explain the importance of recording oral history.