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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Old Man River Project - A Web Series

The Old Man River Project is a new video series on Vimeo. The series chronicles the journey of Brett Rogers and his team as they attempt to row and sail the length of the Mississippi River. They're doing this to raise awareness of human impact on waterways and on drinking water supplies. The crew is making the journey in a handmade 32 foot, wood, York Boat. New episodes are released every Tuesday. You can see the whole line-up of episodes here.

Applications for Education
You'll notice in the video above that there are a couple of times when language is bleeped. That aside, this series could be a good way for middle school and high school students to see how humans have impacted the Mississippi River. In the first episode you'll hear commentary about how dams are slowing the journey, the "engineering" of the river altering currents, and the cloudiness of the water.

H/T to The Adventure Blog.