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Friday, April 24, 2009

Schoohoo - Free School Notification System

Schoohoo is a free system for sending text and email alerts to parents, students, and faculty members. Schoohoo can be used to send messages about early dismissals, delayed starts, or meeting times. Schoohoo is available for free to any school regardless of size.

Applications for Education
Schoohoo could be a good way to directly contact parents in the event of change in your school's schedule. The concept is similar to that of the system that I reviewed last fall.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Free School Alert System from announced today that they have created a free alert/ messaging system for schools to use to communicate important messages to parents, students, and faculty. The system can be used to send messages via email, text messaging, instant messaging, websites, or voice messages. People wishing to receive messages from the school sign up for the method(s) through which they would like to receive messages. The School Alerts system is designed to be used in times of emergency, an unplanned early end to the school day, a weather delay to the start of the school day, or for any other time-sensitive message. The image below diagrams how the system works.

The system does not require schools to download, install, or maintain any software or hardware.'s School Alerts system is completely free and not advertisement supported so schools can be certain that parents and students won't inundated with spam or any other advertising. The system is supported by, American Income Life, and

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