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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Learn About Science with the Scitable App

Earlier this morning I shared the Khan Academy mobile app with you. On the same Open App Market page as the Khan App is the Scitable App. Scitable, as I wrote in late 2009, is website produced by Nature for the purpose of sharing articles, videos, and animations to help students understand topics in life science. The free Scitable Mobile app for the iPhone, the iPad, and Android devices puts much of that same great content into your hands wherever you go with your mobile device.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Scitable Adds Content

In April I wrote a short post about Scitable. Since then Scitable has added some content that is worth noting. Scitable's networking options have increased since my original post in April. There are more users and more filters for finding experts and or other students to connect with. Scitable has also added some video animations to help explain difficult concepts. The video below shows the process of translation, in which the information encoded by mRNA is turned into protein.

Applications for Education
Scitable is designed for use by college students, but some of content could be used in some high school settings.