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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Download Your Videos - Knowmia and ScreenChomp Close In Three Days

Earlier this summer TechSmith announced that they were closing some of their free apps that teachers loved. That list includes the whiteboard video creation apps ScreenChomp and Knowmia Teach. On August 31st those apps will stop working. If you have created videos in either of those apps, you'll want to download them ASAP!

Watch this video to learn how to download your Knowmia Teach videos. 

Watch this video to learn how to download your ScreenChomp videos. 

In related news, SnagIt for Chrome is also being discontinued by TechSmith. Fortunately, all of that content should already be automatically stored in your Google Drive account.

Earlier this month I published a list of alternatives to Knowmia, ScreenChomp, and SnagIt for Chrome.

Monday, August 22, 2011

ScreenChomp - Create & Share Tutorials on Your iPad

ScreenChomp is a free app for creating and sharing short tutorials or lessons on your iPad. ScreenChomp provides a whiteboard on which you can demonstrate things by drawing and talking people through your instructions. ScreenChomp records your voice as you go. When you finish your recording share it to where a shortened URL will be provided for you to share with anyone you like. From you have the option to download recordings as MPEG-4 files.

Applications for Education
If your school has purchased iPads for your classroom, ScreenChomp could be a good app to have to students use to create and share short demonstrations of their understanding of a particular topic or concept. ScreenChomp reminds me quite a bit of Show Me so you might want to do a comparison and decide which one works best for you and your students.

H/T to Silvia Tolisano at Langwitches