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Friday, March 23, 2018

Use a Whiteboard in Skype Interviews

Skype Interviews is a free Microsoft service that was developed for employers to use to interview potential employees. It was specifically designed with coders and programmers in mind as there is a code editor component that lets candidates display their skills in realtime. Yesterday, Microsoft added a whiteboard to Skype Interviews.

The whiteboard in Skype Interviews allows you to draw on and share a virtual whiteboard while in your call. You can also type on the whiteboard. A few pre-made shapes are also available to add to your whiteboard to create a flowchart.

Applications for Education
Skype Interviews was obviously designed for use in a business setting, but it is open to anyone who wants to use it (you do need a Skype account). I could see it being a great option for remote tutoring.

To clarify, Skype Interviews is a different product than the Skype you may be familiar with. Skype Interviews launches in your Chrome or Edge web browser. You have to give people a link to join your call as opposed to calling you directly via Skype contacts. The other person or people joining your Skype Interview call don't need to have Skype accounts because they can just click the link that you send to them and then sign-in as a guest.

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