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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Silk Slides - An Easy Way to Share & Discuss Slides

Silk Slides is a new service for easily sharing and discussing slideshows. It is very easy to use the service. To get started just upload your slides (Keynote files didn't work for me) then enter your email address. When your upload is complete you can share your slides by sending the URL assigned to your slides to anyone you like.

Silk Slides allows commenting on each slide in your slideshow. To post a comment you have to enter your name (or nickname) and an email address.

Applications for Education
Silk Slides could be a good platform for students to use to ask questions about slides that you share with them. You could use Silk Slides to offer feedback to your students about the design and content of their slides too.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Speaker Deck - Another Way to Share Your Slides

There are plenty of good services on the web that enable users to publish their slides for the world to see. Speaker Deck is one of those services. Speaker Deck allows you to upload your PDFs and have them displayed as slideshows. Speaker Deck will divide and format your PDF for optimal display. Unlike a lot of other services Speaker Deck doesn't appear to have a voice-over capability, but if you're just looking to share slides, Speaker Deck's clean and simple interface offers what most people need.

Applications for Education
If you or your students have PDFs or slides that you want to publish for the world to see, Speaker Deck is an option to consider. Speaker Deck provides an embed code that you can use on your blog or you can simply direct people to the url assigned to your slides by Speaker Deck.

H/T to Larry Ferlazzo via Twitter. 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

12 Ways for Students to Publish Slideshows Online

Creating slideshows can be an excellent way for students to summarize their learning, share their what they've learned, and to share their ideas. If you have students that create slideshows that you or they think should be shared with a wider audience than that of their immediate peers in the classroom, the web offers many ways to do that. The following are ten free ways for students to publish their slideshows to the web.

1. The sharing method that is right under most Internet users' noses is Google Docs presentation sharing. Students can create presentations, collaborate on presentations, chat about presentations, and publish presentations using Google Docs. Google Docs presentations can be embedded into any blog or website. Students can also share presentations by emailing or Twittering the url of their presentations.

2. Zoho Show is very similar to Google Docs presentation. Students can create presentations, collaborate on presentations, and publish presentations using Zoho Show. If students don't have a blog or website to embed their presentations into, Zoho Show offers a public gallery to which users can publish their presentations. Some of my students actually prefer Zoho Show to Google Docs presentation because they feel that there are more editing options than in Google Docs presentation. Watch a demo of Zoho Show here.

3. Empressr is a fully functional, high quality, online slide show presentation creation and sharing service. Empressr has a couple of features differentiating it from its competitors. The first feature of note is the option of embedding video from multiple sources into your slide show. The second feature of note is Empressr's editor which allows users to draw, create, or edit images inside their slides. Empressr slideshows can be embedded anywhere.

4. SlideShare is probably the most popular service for publishing slideshows to the web. While you cannot create original works in SlideShare, you can add voice narration to your slideshow with a free service offered by SlideShare. SlideShare offers a variety of widgets for embedding collections of slideshows into one webpage. If you wanted to you could create a collection of your students' slideshows and put them into one widget on one webpage. To learn more about SlideShare, watch this presentation.

5. Slide Boom, like SlideShare, allow users to upload their slide show presentations and share the slide shows publicly or privately. SlideBoom quickly converts your slide shows for use on the SlideBoom website and provides the html code for use on other websites or blogs. SlideBoom preserves the transitions you included in your original presentation when your slideshow is uploaded to SlideBoom.

6. Slide Six is a slide show sharing site similar to Slide Share or Slide Boom with a couple of added features. Just as on Slide Share and Slide Boom users can upload and share slide show presentations privately or publicly. What makes Slide Six better than and easier to use than Slide Share or Slide Boom is that Slide Six users can add narration to their slide show directly on the Slide Six website. Slide Six allows users to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos into your presentations. You can also attach documents to accompany your presentations. Slide Six supports all PowerPoint formats, Open Office, PDF, and MOV presentations.

7. Slide Rocket is a web based presentation creator similar to Empressr. Slide Rocket has some very nice features like 3D transitions and a collaboration feature for sharing the creation process with other users. Slide Rocket's interface is user friendly making it easy to include videos, pictures, or third party plug-ins. The quality and definition of images on Slide Rocket is far superior to that found in many of its competitors' offerings.

8. Author Stream is a service that converts your PowerPoint slideshows to flash media files. Just like SlideShare, Author Stream can be used to host and share your slide shows publicly or privately directly on the Author Stream website. In addition to sharing on the Author Stream website the slideshows you upload can also be shared via Youtube, iTunes, or embedded into a blog or website. A free companion tool to Author Stream is Author Point Lite. Author Point Lite is a desktop application that converts Power Point files to flash files. Files converted with Author Point Lite retain all of the transitions, timings, and narration created in your original file. Author Point Lite is a free download.

9. Photo Show is a great service for making fantastic slideshow and video presentations. Photo Show allows users to upload their photos or use photos from the Internet to make into slide show which can then be turned into a video. Photo Show users can add text and audio to accompany their presentation. There are a few options for sharing projects made on Photo Show. Users can download their projects as Quicktime movies, share via email, or share through embedding.

10. Photo Peach is a new service that allows you to quickly and easily create an audio slideshow, with captions, from images in your Flickr, Picassa, or Facebook account. You can also use images saved on your local hard drive to create your slideshow. To add captions to your Photo Peach slideshow simply type your desired text into the caption box that appears as each image is automatically displayed by Photo Peach. Changing the sequence of images in Photo Peach is a simple drag and drop procedure.

11 & 12. If you convert your slideshows into PDF format, you can upload them and host them on DocStoc and Scribd. Both DocStoc and Scribd will provide you with an editable (for height and width) embed code for your PDF.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Teacher's Guide to Web 2.0 at School

Sacha Chua has once again created an awesome slide presentation. In this presentation, A Teacher's Guide to Web 2.0 at School, Sacha does a great job of addressing the "yeah buts" and "what if" opposition statements that some administrators and teachers make in regards to using Web 2.o in schools.

The slideshow is embedded below. If you're reading this in RSS you may need to click through to view the slideshow.

Here are some other great slide presentations created by Sacha Chua that I've highlighted in the past:
The Shy Connector - Networking Tips for Shy Folks
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Shy Connector - Networking Tips for Shy Folks

Sacha Chua, whose work I've highlighted in the past, has created another excellent presentation. In her latest slideshow Sacha shares that she is an introvert and offers advice to other shy people on how to network. The advice she shares could be used by high school and college students that struggle with shyness preventing them from making connections at work and school. The advice is equally good for shy adults. The slideshow is embedded below.

If you're reading this in RSS, you may need to click through to view the slideshow.

Here is a related item that may be of interest to you:
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Twelve Essentials - The Slideshow Version

Since I published Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration earlier this month, I've had a few requests for a slimmed-down slideshow version of that guide. What you'll find in this slideshow are all of the resources mentioned in the original guide. Reflecting my style of presenting, I kept the words on each slide to a minimum. Each slide highlights three key points of each resource and includes the url of each resource. You can view the SlideShare version of the presentation below. When I get some time, I'll do a voice-over and post this on SlideSix.
RSS Readers will need to click through to view the presentation.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Mac Users Rejoice - SlideShare Accepts Keynote

SlideShare is a great place to share your slide show presentations with the world, but until last Friday it wouldn't accept Keynote. You could get around this by converting your Keynote to another format and then uploading it, but this often would result in the loss of some formatting. Now Keynote users can upload directly to SlideShare. The slide show embedded below shows you how to do it.

Upload Keynote to SlideShare
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: apple upload)

Applications for Education
SlideShare is a great way to share presentation with your students over the Internet. As winter (in the northern hemisphere) approaches more students will miss school due to illness, if you post your slide shows online they can get the information they missed from home.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Slide Share Credit Crisis Contest - There's a Lesson Idea Here

Slide Share, a slide show sharing service, is having a contest in which contestants have 30 slides to explain the current credit crisis. The contest ends in two days so you don't have much time if you or your students (they would have to be high school age at least) want to enter. But, the idea behind the contest could easily be applied to other subjects.

Applications for Education
If your students are too young to participate the Credit Crisis Contest they can still reap benefits from this Slide Share contest. The contest is producing a lot of content about the credit crisis. Some of the content is informative and some of it will raise questions that you can discuss with your students.

Having a classroom contest or school wide "contest" where students show off the work they produced to demonstrate understanding can be good way to get students excited about learning. Every year my school district has a district-wide art show and a district wide "celebration of learning" where students get to share work with their peers, teachers, and parent. The students, especially younger students, really get excited about these events. Using a program like Slide Share or even just a simple wiki could be one way to conduct an online "celebration of learning" in your school.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Media - New Generation: What Does It Mean for Education?

Sacha Chua, who's presentations inspired me to create my own stick figure presentations, has developed a new presentation titled New Media, New Generation. In the presentation Sacha demonstrates, through drawings, how new media is used and consumed compared to old media. I've embedded Sacha's slide show below.

Applications for Education
Slides 12 through 20 in the presentation create a good picture of the role of a teacher in today's classroom. The role of teacher is changing (in some schools faster than others) from a position of standing in front of a class imparting knowledge to a position of facilitator helping students discover and create new ways of using knowledge. Another important job of today's teachers is not so much to teach students how to use a specific Web 2.0 application, they'll figure that out faster than many of us, but to teach students how to collaborate effectively. That said, I do think that there are still times when standing in front of the room lecturing is necessary, but those times are becoming increasingly few.
What are your thoughts? How do you view the role of a teacher in today's classrooms?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Surf Docs - Find Videos and Related Slide Shows

I came across Surf Docs because my slide show "Impress Your Boss With Web 2.0" was embedded on it. Surf Docs is a mash-up of Slide Share and YouTube. They way that Surf Docs works is, you enter a search term and Surf Docs will find slide shows from Slide Share and videos from YouTube to match.

Applications for Education
Surf Docs could be useful for quickly finding a slide show and video to explain and demonstrate a concept or subject. Another way that Surf Docs could be used is to have students create presentations, submit them to Slide Share and then use Surf Docs to see what types of videos exist to complement their work.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Using Wikis to Impress Your Administrators

Here is another short stick figure cartoon I created. This one is about impressing your school district administrators by making a wiki.

As always, if you're viewing this blog post in a RSS reader you may have to click on the blog post's title to view the slide show.

Monday, April 28, 2008

SlideBoom - Share Your Slide Shows

Slide Boom is a new slide show sharing tool. Slide Boom, like Slide Share, allow users to upload their slide show presentations and share the slide shows publicly or privately. Slide Boom quickly converts your slide shows (my 17 slides about India uploaded in less than five minutes) for use on the Slide Boom website and provides the html code for use on other websites or blogs. One of Slide Boom's best features is the ability to add slide show transcriptions in place of audio voice over. Probably the best aspect of Slide Boom is that the transitions you included in your original presentation are preserved when your slide show is uploaded to Slide Boom.

Below is a Slide Boom slide show about Slide Boom.

Applications for Education
Slide Boom is a good way for teachers and students to share presentations over the web. For teachers Slide Boom provides a tool for sharing notes and lectures to students who have been absent. Teachers can use Slide Boom to make a blog post for students to review in preparation for a test or to comment on as part of an ongoing discussion. Click here to read about the day that Slide Share saved my lesson plan.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Free Technology For Teachers: Slide Share Saves the Lesson Plan

I've been using Slide Share since last fall to embed slide show presentations into my classroom blog. This morning Slide Share saved my lesson plan. Part of my lesson plan involved giving notes about India. Normally, I store all of my slide shows on flash drives to save room on my hard drive. This method works great until I forget to bring the flash drive to school. So this morning when I forgot the flash drive, I didn't panic, I jumped on my Slide Share account and I was good to go, lesson plan saved.

Slide Share is very easy to use. If you can upload a picture to Flickr or attach a file to an email, you can use Slide Share. Simply upload your Power Point presentations to your Slide Share account and your presentation is now embeddable. You have the choice of making your slide show private or public.

Here is a short Slide Share show about using Slide Share.

Applications for Education
Slide Share can be used with blogs and wikis. Slide Share is an easy way for teachers to share information with students and with parents. The sidebar embed widget offered by Slide Share allows users to place a slide show permanently on the front page of their blog. Next fall I'm planning to place a slide show with my course expectations and syllabus on the front page of the classroom blog. The slide shows that I've embedded throughout this year have helped my students stay connected with class despite fourteen snow days.

Here is a short video about using Slide Share.

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