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Friday, December 5, 2014

Collaboratively Create Music and Vocal Recordings On Almost Any Device

Soundtrap is a web-based platform for collaboratively creating music and vocal recordings. On Soundtrap you can create music from scratch by using their built-in virtual instruments. If you have your own instruments to record, you can use the microphone on your laptop to record yourself playing. Students who have Midi devices can record to Soundtrap too. Of course, you can just turn on your device's microphone to record a vocal track. After recording your tracks you can blend them together in the Soundtrap editor.

Soundtrap offers a collaboration option. Click the "collaborate" tab to in the Soundtrap editor to invite others to edit with you. Soundtrap will work in the Chrome web browser on a laptop, iPad, Chromebook, and Android tablet. A Chrome app is also available.

Soundtrap's free plan allows you to store five tracks in your account. You can download all of your creations as MP3 files.

Applications for Education
The best way for students to avoid any worries about copyright infringement when creating a multimedia project is to use audio tracks that they've created. Soundtrap could be a great tool for that purpose. Soundtrap's collaboration option could be a great solution when students working on a group project need to develop spoken tracks.

Soundtrap could also be a good tool for students in a music class to experiment with sounds and rhythms to hear how they combine to create music.

Thanks to Jen Deyenberg for the Tweets about Soundtrap. 

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