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Monday, July 11, 2011

135 Shuttle Launches in 135 Seconds

Last week I posted a bunch of resources (here, here, and here) about the final launch of NASA's Atlantis Shuttle. This morning I found one more video that I want to share. 135 Shuttle Launches in 135 Seconds is a CNN video that strings together all of the shuttle launches from the first to the last. The video is embedded below.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Final Shuttle Launch - Videos, Images, and More

This morning the space shuttle Atlantis was launched on its final mission. In case you missed the live webcast of the launch this morning, the video is available on YouTube and in NASA's video gallery. I've embedded it below.

After the launch NASA held an hour-long press conference in which a number of questions about the current state of NASA's programs and the future of NASA's space exploration missions. You can watch that video here.

National Geographic has updated their pages about the shuttle program with new images, videos, and articles. A few of the many things worth highlighting on National Geographic's pages include this photo gallery of Discovery's milestones, a history of the shuttle program, and five myths about the Challenger disaster.  

The New York Times published 30 Years of the Space Shuttle which is an interactive timeline about the shuttle program. Place your cursor over each marker on the timeline to learn more about each shuttle's missions and milestones. Thanks to Angela Maiers for sharing this resource.

Larry Ferlazzo has also assembled a good list of resources for teaching and learning about the shuttle program.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Cool Infographic About NASA's Shuttle Program

Yesterday, I posted a CNN Student News video about the end of NASA's space shuttle program. Today, I'd like to share an infographic about the shuttle program that I discovered through the Cool Infographics blog. The following infographic was created by Alberto Cuarda for the Washington Post.

An Uncertain Future depicts the history of the shuttle program including years of and number of missions that each of the five shuttles undertook. Aligned with the timeline of the shuttle missions is a timeline of US Presidents. The infographic also portrays the predecessors to the shuttle program and the possible replacements for the shuttle program. I dropped the image into so that you can zoom in on different parts of it below.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Look Back at NASA's Shuttle Program

CNN Student News in on hiatus from its regular schedule for the summer. Until August 15th they're only producing single topic episodes sporadically. Today, they released an episode all about NASA's shuttle program. The video, embedded below, provides a short overview of the history of the shuttle program and a look at what's in store next for NASA manned missions into space.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Grab a Piece of NASA History

Later this year, after more than thirty years, NASA will retire the space shuttle program. Even though NASA is discontinuing the shuttle program, parts of the program can continue on in your school, library, or museum. NASA is distributing parts of shuttles and other space equipment  to qualifying educational organizations. Included in the list of parts is more than 7,000 tiles from shuttle heat shields. Click here to find out how your school can acquire a piece of NASA history.

Applications for Education
Having a space shuttle heat shield tile or another piece of space shuttle equipment could be a neat way to spark students' imaginations and lead to inquiry-based questions.

H/T to Meg Wilson for Tweeting the NASA link earlier today.