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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

How to Enable Spell Check in Blogger

Yesterday afternoon I answered an email from an old colleague who needed a little help with a frustrating little setting in Blogger. She wanted her students to be able to spell check their weekly reflection blog posts before they published them. Her frustration was caused by the fact that Blogger doesn't have a built-in spell check setting. 

At one point Blogger had spell check built into it. Then at some point over the last five or so years it disappeared from all of the settings menus that are built into Blogger. Today, if you want to use a spell check in Blogger you have to enable spell check in your Chrome browser settings. When you've done that you'll then have a spell check function in the blog post editor in Blogger. 

Watch this short video to see how to enable a spell check option for Blogger

Friday, October 10, 2014

Spell Check in Google Sheets

Frequent users of Google Sheets (spreadsheets) may be happy to note that Google has updated Sheets to add an improved spell check option. The spell check option is found under the "tools" drop-down menu. Like the spell check tool in Google Documents and Slides, the Sheets spell check is checked against the web in order to stay updated. Just as you can do in any good spell check tool, you can add your own words and abbreviations to the Sheets spell check dictionary.

Applications for Education
The Sheets spell check isn't going to revolutionize the way that you use spreadsheets, but it could be helpful if your students are submitting quiz answers through Google Forms and you want to quickly check for spelling errors. The spell check may also be helpful to folks who are running scripts in which a misspelled column title could cause the script to fail.