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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Story Dice - Roll the Dice to Get a Story Starter

Story Dice is the name of two different, but similar apps that can be used to generate creative writing prompts.

Story Dice for iOS is a free app that lets you select up to ten dice from four story categories. The dice feature pictures that are intended to prompt you to write about them or include them in a story. You can roll the dice by shaking your iPad or by just tapping the roll icon. Want to write your own Star Wars fan fiction? Story Dice has a Star Wars category.

Story Dice for Android is made by a different developer than the app with the same name for iPads. Story Dice for Android displays nine dice in a grid. Tap the dice to roll them and get a set of pictures to use as story prompts.

Applications for Education
The thing that I like about both of these apps is that you can use them in almost any classroom in which students need a little inspiration for writing a fiction story. Because the prompts are image-based, you don't have to worry about students not knowing the definition of a word and therefore not getting the benefit of the story prompt.

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